The end of Man Repeller and the best looks of Leandra Medine Style inspiration.

October 26, 2020

Sad news for fashionistas around the world; Leandra Medine announced the end of Man Repeller, the fashion and lifestyle website she created ten years ago. Scroll down to know more about the end of Man Repeller, and enjoy the best looks of Leandra Medine. 

What is Man Repeller

As its name suggests, the idea behind the irreverent fashion online magazine is that women should wear whatever they like, even if their outfit won’t please men. In fact, the site is a celebration of self-expression. Man Repeller has become famous for the quirky looks of Leandra Medine, who pairs clothes in unexpected but fabulous ways that end up being her best looks. Like many influencepreneurs, she’s launched a shoe collection, wrote a book and made some collabs with brands like Mango, for example.

Two looks of the collab collection of Leandra Medine and Mango.
Leandra Medine x Mango. Photos @mango

What’s next for Leandra Medine?

Leandra Medine has an incredible eye for fashion and a knack for picking up the upcoming trends before anyone else. In fact, you can be sure that whatever she wears will be the next must-have look. She is not afraid to pair a Chanel jacket with Adidas shorts or jeans, for example. The best looks of Leandra Medine include mixing luxury fashion with high street labels and putting together cool day-time looks using chic evening pieces.

Leandra Medine wears feathers and sequins in two daytime looks.
Feathers and sequins become daytime looks. Photo @repeller.

With her modern outfits, the creator of Man Repeller has broken the old beauty standards on Instagram, becoming a reference in fashion and lifestyle. So although we don’t know yet what’s next for Leandra Medine, we’re sure the end of Man Repeller is only the start of something new. And until then, we’ll still be able to enjoy her quirky fashion style in her personal Instagram account. Keep scrolling for the best outfits of Leandra Medina and why we love them.

Bold silhouettes and colours

Two of the best looks of Leandra Medine in Man Repeller.
The more is more fashion style of Leandra Medine. Photo @repeller.

For Leandra Medine, more is more. She wears structured silhouettes and bold colours. The fashionista combines a dramatic top with ruffles with a tiered skirt. If that weren’t enough, she also wears a Breton t-shirt and green heeled sandals. The incredible mix of colours and bold silhouette are also present in the second look. Leandra puts together a yellow, red and beige outfit, which she completes with sparkling silver and turquoise shoes and a straw bag.

The queen of layering

Two of the best layering looks of Leandra Medine on Man Repeller.
How many layers can Leandra Medine wear? Photos @repeller.

Nobody layers like Leandra Medine. She wears miniskirts layered over slip dresses and adds a chunky turtleneck and sheer top or a long coat. With this layering, she gives an edge and modernity to the super sexy slip dresses with lace.

Man Repeller and the end of sequins only for parties.

Leandra Medina wears two day-time looks with sequins.
They may be man repellers, but we just love these looks! Photos @repeller.

Elevating a tracksuit with a sequin top? Check. Dressing down a sequinned midi skirt with a striped shirt over a swimsuit? Done. Leandra Medine shows how to wear sequins and shimmer during the daytime without looking over-dressed.

Mixing colours one wouldn’t

Leandra Medine rocks two bold looks mixing colours that don't really match.
Do these colours match? Photos @repeller.

Man Repeller stands for breaking norms. Leandra Medine creates exciting looks with a mix of colours that don’t really match yet somehow, look fabulous together.

Jogging pants as trousers?

Leandra Medine wears jogging pants paired with a fur coat and a blazer.
Rocking jogging pants with fur coat or blazer. Photos @repeller.

Nothing more New York than track pants and sneakers with a chic fur coat! By the way, did you know that tracksuits are back again? Leandra Medine also pairs her jogging pants with a cardigan and navy blazer. Socks and mule complete the man repeller look.

Peter Pan collars

Leandrs Medine wears wide Peter Pan collars over blazer and bomber jacket.
Peter Pan Collars Men Repeller style. Photos @repeller.

The stylish Leandra Medine is a fan of wide Peter Pan collars. She elevates blazers and bomber jackets with the statement collars.

How to rock a leopard print

Leandra Medine wears leopard print in unexpected colour combinations.
Leopard print in unexpected colour combinations. Photos @repeller.

By pairing leopard trousers with garments and accessories in clashing colours, Leandra Medine creates modern looks.

Opulent ma non-troppo

Leandra Medine, of Man Repeller, wears trousers with feathers in two cool looks.
Opulence with a twist. Photos @repeller.

Can you go out in your pyjamas? If you ask the Man Repeller author, of course, you can! Medine Cohen wears opulent silk pyjamas with feathers with a trench coat, a pink boxy bag and colourful sandals. In an equally cool look, she pairs the pyjama with a denim shirt and beige jacket that balance the outfit.

Can you go out in your bathrobe?

Two of the best looks of Leandra Medine layering bathrobe under jackets.
Layering bathrobe with jackets. Photos @repeller.

Since Leandra Medine established you could go out in pyjamas, why not try it with bathrobes? The layering savvy mixes zebra, gingham and camouflage prints. High heeled sandals elevate the fun look. The same does the tuxedo jacket over a striped bathrobe, which Medine pairs to bold floral pants. These maximalist and fun outfits are among the best looks of Leandra Medine.

Make mini-skirts cool again

Mini skirts styled by Leandra Medine. Photos @repeller.

Two different mini-skirt styling for Man Repeller. Leandra Medina wears a double-denim combo with a mini-skirt and shirt layered under a knitwear and Peter Pan collar. White socks and loafers complete the cool look. She also adds some edge to the beautiful Stella McCartney mini-skit with bold patchwork-style boots.

Photo title via Top Shop and other photos via @repeller