Royal Fashion Report: Who spends the most on their wardrobe?

VideoWatchJanuary 25, 2023

This year Notorious brings you the annual report of how much royals, European princesses and queens, have spent on clothes. The detailed study is done by the blog Ufonomore, which is all about royal fashion. Besides interesting facts like how many hours royals work per year, the blog has calculated how much each of them spent on clothes. And here’s the 2,420,000 Euro question: how much does a princess wardrobe cost? Or even better, who spends the most on their wardrobe? Click on the video, you will be surprised.

How do they calculate the cost of a princess wardrobe?

In total, Ufonomore identified and estimated the costs of 1,359 items, accounting for 88% of all new pieces that debuted in 2022. And don’t worry, they have excluded any custom pieces that couldn’t be priced. Even though, we are talking about €2,420,000.00. So, without further ado, click on the video to take a closer look at who spent the most.

You will be surprised by the second place

Even if the sum spent on clothes is astronomical, take into consideration that most queens and princesses need a special wardrobe to attend official events. Moreover, royals represent their countries, including galas, dinners and balls. But if you watch the video, you will see that the second place among the royals who spent the most on clothes in the year 2022, did not attend almost any official event. Oh dear, she is a young royal without a throne but a fashionista/model.

Some hints before you click on the video

We are really proud of the 16th place. Without wanting to spoil the surprise, she is a crown princess from one of the richest reigning families in Europe. Still, her clothing budget can be called humble.