The best spring outfits for office and home office Style and comfort are key.

Outfit ideasTrendsMarch 16, 2021

Although I’ve gotten used to working from home in the past months, I’m looking forward to going back to normal, which means back to the office, at least for a few days a week. When you work in an office, you meet people, have coffee breaks, chat with your colleagues, exchange ideas, and hear other people’s opinions, making your life richer and more interesting. Also, you must dress up for work, which is a very nice and fun way to express your personality, but there is a downside to this: you must dress up for work. Each day, you have to think about what to wear, which can sometimes be a bit tiresome. So, here are our suggestions for spring outfits to wear at the office or home office.

Here are our suggestions for the office

Freelance work and combining home office and office work are big trends nowadays. Wear a floral dress with bold flowers, one of the trends emerged from MFW, to go to the office. Add a blazer. Mix pastel colours, among the best colour combinations to update your wardrobe. And finish your spring look with sneakers to add comfort and coolness to your office outfits.

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Here are suggestions for comfortable -but not too much- spring outfits for home-office

So what to wear when working from home? You might get tempted to work in your PJs all day but think again. Nothing is more depressing than sitting at home looking like you’ve just come out of bed. Plus, you never know whether you will have to pop out for some last-minute errand or answer a video-call from your boss or client. So, this spring, wear comfortable but nice outfits and some makeup too, even when working from your home office. You’ll be ready for whatever situation with an easy-to-wear striped top, denim or trackpants, and on-trend clogs.

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