Scandi Girl Style -The 6 Best Danish Girls to Follow on Instagram

FashionOutfit ideasDecember 11, 2023

Copenhagen Fashion Week is a right cracker, buzzing with energy, much like Danish lasses and their uber-cool Instagrams. Nowadays, it seems the fashion world’s split down the middle: on one side, the French girl style; on the other, the Scandi girl style. Well, since a picture’s worth a thousand words, let’s have a butcher’s at the six top Danish gals on Instagram to suss out their style, reminiscent of a second Viking invasion.

First off, you’ll cop an eyeful of the coolest and most stylish looks that are just the ticket for no-nonsense fashion inspo. Plus, these girls are not only cheerful and upbeat but also laid-back and effortlessly chic, in a way only Scandinavians know how.

Jeanette Friis Madsen

As the creative director and co-founder of @rotatebirgerchristensen, Jeanette’s style is bang on with her lifestyle. She’s a pro and mum to three lads, so life’s a bit of a whirlwind. Jeanette’s clobber ranges from dead comfy pullovers and leggings to cracking sexy mini dresses, and she pulls off both with the same easy-going vibe. And it’s this laid-back approach that epitomises Scandi girl style.
We’re absolutely smitten with this look she donned at Copenhagen Fashion Week: a combo of jogging pants and a corset, teamed up with Chanel pumps and an oversized leather trench coat.

Pernille Teisbaek

Stylist, creative consultant, interior designer and ambassador for @boernecancerfonden, Pernille Teisbaek is also one of the original Scandi fashion bloggers. This mum of four (the Scandinavians do love their nippers ❤️) is often seen in the cosiest yet chicest ensembles. Mad about the oversized denim paired with a Chanel jacket and ballet flats.

Trine Kjaer

Stylist and creative consultant Trine Kjaer regularly posts fab, colourful looks and mood boards on her feed. This Danish mum of three (another big family, bless ❤️) runs a creative agency and store with her hubby, offering interior and colour consulting and top-notch handpicked items. Have a gander at Oficina 8. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of top looks, a true escape from the common neutrals and black-and-white that are all the rage these days.

Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard

Twin sisters Amalie and Cecilie, born and bred in Denmark and now living in Copenhagen, started as teen models and blossomed into entrepreneurs, owning the jewellery brand Lié Studio. Regarding Scandi Girl Style, they mentioned in a chinwag with Faithful The Brand: “There’s so much inspiration all over Copenhagen. Everyone dresses so nicely but is still very laid back which has definitely influenced us. Something that we both love and have influenced us is how everyone still manages to look cool and chic even on a bike. People aren’t afraid to wear heels or a dress on a bike which we love.”

Hanna Stefansson

Hanna Stefansson is a digital creator, travel writer, creative consultant and photographer. She has a wonderful Instagram feed showing not only her outfits styled to perfection but also colourful Danish architecture. Mother of two, (will the Danish populate Europe? ❤️) Hanna loves an oversized coat, mini skirts, and long boots in a perfect balance between relaxed and sexy, as just a Sandi girl style can reach.

Josephine Aarkrogh

The Fashion Editor at Elle DK has a laid-back, girl-next-door style. In other words, her Instagram photos show her strolling around with her baby or having wonderful meals in cool restaurants. It reminds us of the Swedish slow-living lifestyle called Lagom. Mark my words, this look of cropped leggings, paired with a voluminous top and ballerinas is the next Scandi girl style that we’ll be wearing in Spring 2024.

Photo @Jeanette Madsen