St Nicolaus Day: Have you been a good or bad girl? What to wear.

November 30, 2020

In this atypical year, children are looking forward to St Nicholas Day more than ever! But we too, are counting the days and thinking about what to wear, as the happy celebration of St Nicholas Day gives us the opportunity to dress up a little during the lockdown.

As we wait to celebrate the generous Saint who brings sweets and little presents to children that behave well, we made a selection with the coziest outfits to wear on St Nicholas Day. 

Whether you’re preparing a special breakfast or lunch for your family or celebrating the feast of St Nicholas from afar via Zoom, dressing up will lift your spirit and make you feel good. So, what to wear on St Nicholas Day? Keep scrolling for our suggestions.

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Fancy pyjamas for a fancy breakfast

St Nicholas already filled the children’s shoes with nice treats; now it’s your turn to prepare a special breakfast. Although comfort is key this year, you also want to wear something fancy to make breakfast on St Nicholas Day feel celebratory and special. So this feast is the perfect occasion to indulge in luxurious pyjamas and beautiful slippers.

Cooking St Nicholas lunch

Colourful outfits add fun to the celebration, so why not prepare lunch in a patchwork look? Besides being a big trend this year, patchwork has a hand-made, homely feel. And don’t be shy, mix some more patterns to your outfit by a wearing joyful apron.

Celebrating St Nicholas Days over Zoom

Dressing up for a Zoom family meeting can be fun. Even if you’re alone at home, what to wear to a virtual St Nicholas toast should feel special. Make sure you look your best, at least from the waist up. You can choose a festive silk top, a blouse with statement sleeves in red hues for example. Also, many designers as Moschino, Paco Rabanne and Ganni, among others, are bringing back super cool t-shirts. They are the perfect option for a more relaxed look but still festive if you paired them with golden necklaces.

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Photos courtesy of Nynne.