Street style inspiring rainy days with the most beautiful raincoats For all budgets.

TrendsMarch 28, 2022

“April showers bring May flowers”, or as we say in German, “April, April, der macht was er will”, so you’d better get ready for rainy days! Especially if you live in a city like London, Paris, N.Y, Vienna or Belin, you probably don’t take the car but walk and use public transportation. But, finding the right raincoat for spring’s tricky weather is not that simple. Luckily, we’ve spotted some great street style moments that are making us wish for some rain so that we can wear these fabulous raincoats. So, get inspired by stylish editors and influencers at Fashion Week and choose one from our selection to rock springtime looks while keeping dry. 

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Timeless trench

As any truly elegant woman knows, the traditional and timeless trenchcoat is never really out of fashion. Read all about it in the history of the iconic trench that has gone from war to the runways. And in 2022, the chic raincoat is back with full power in the fashionable street style of London, Copenhagen, and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Navy trenchcoat

Besides the more neutral beige models, the trench coat also comes in several colours, like the classic and super wearable navy blue the fashion editor at Vogue UK, Sarah Harris, wears.

Printed trenchcoat

Many fashion houses have revamped the classic trenchcoat by using printed fabrics like the Burberry coat the Editor in Chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, wore at London Fashion Week AW22. In the same vein, our favourite street style stars keep dry and stylish in spring by wearing the quintessentially British raincoat.


Another big street style trend we will see plenty on rainy Fashion Weeks is transparent raincoats because fashionistas don’t enjoy covering their fantastic outfits! So, keep dry and show off your cute outfit with this fashionable raincoat! Karl Lagerfeld had his models on the catwalk wearing transparent raincoats, boots, bags, and hats for Chanel; the ’60s PVC raincoats became chic.

A cape-like outwear

Feel like Little Red Riding Hood in a sleek cape-like raincoat, and you can pair it with leather Bermuda shorts, a hot style in 2022 like we saw in the streets of Paris at PFW.

Animal print

Yes, animal print is still very much a thing, and we love it. So, inspired by this excellent street style look, let your inner wild animal out with a leopard print raincoat.

Bomber jacket

The ’80s bomber jackets are back among the most important trends from the runways AW22. Consider replacing your raincoat with a chunky bomber jacket as the Spanish Gala Gonzalez does.

Updating your trenchcoat

You can add a pop of colour and contemporaneity to your classic trench coat by layering a retro puffer vest over the classic raincoat like this street style outfit Renia Jaz put together.

’80s anorak

Another retro trend from the ’80s, anoraks are a stylish and cool option to raincoats, as you can see in Cophenhagen’s street style. Choose bold colours to brighten up gloomy days.

Not a raincoat

Lastly, for those who do not want to wear a raincoat, there are other options, too; here are the eight pieces you need for the perfect outdoor wardrobe, including umbrellas, bucket hats, and rain boots that are trendier than ever.

Title photo courtesy of CPHFW.

Finally, watch our video to discover the history behind the chic trench coat.
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