The Rich History of Creole Earrings

WatchJuly 06, 2023

Creole earrings, also known as hoop earrings, have a rich history that spans across time and cultures. The oldest pair of this style was found in Sumerian tombs from 2600 BC, demonstrating their long-lasting appeal​​. The earrings are believed to have had various purposes across cultures, with some seeing them as protective symbols while others associated them with fortune and wealth​.

Creole Earrings: A Symbol of Identity

Interestingly, during the days of slavery, hoop earrings were the only jewellery that slaves were allowed to wear, leading them to become a strong symbol of identity and the origin of the term “creole earrings” in French​1​. The earrings gained popularity during the 60s among African-American women, concurrent with the emergence of the Black Power movement, as a way of embracing and displaying their culture and history​​.

The Evolution of Creole Earrings Through the Decades

The trend for these earrings continued into the 70s and 80s, with public figures such as Diana Ross and Donna Summer often seen sporting them. The 80s saw Creole earrings becoming more massive, earning the nickname “knockers” due to their resemblance to door knockers​1​. By the early 2000s, the style shifted towards thinner and larger hoop earrings, popularized by RnB and pop singers like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, a while smaller and thinner hoops, or “huggie” earrings, also gained favour​.

2023 Jewelry Trends: The Artistic Revival of Creole Earrings

As of 2023, the trend for Creole earrings has leaned towards the artistic, with statement hoops, wire-like sculptures, and extra-long fringe earrings taking centre stage, transforming the wearer into a walking canvas of sorts​2​.

Top Brands for Creole Earrings in 2023

Several brands have kept pace with these trends, offering a variety of Creole earrings. For instance, the Italian Jewellery group, Morellato, has several classic models in stainless steel in gold and silver. Satellite Paris is another brand that offers a diverse selection in an oriental bohemian style. From the luxury designer houses, we love Blumarine heart creoles, super chic Paola Sighinolfi creoles and Aurelie Bidermann timeless creoles. Isabel Marant creoles come with hanging charms. And Courrèges creole inspired by the French house logo is fantastic.

Creole Earrings: A Timeless Accessory

In summary, Creole earrings are a timeless accessory with a deep history and cultural significance. Their transformation over the years reflects changing societal norms and fashion trends. Today, they continue to be a must-have piece of jewellery, adaptable to every individual’s style and preference.

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