Should you wear bouclé and tweed fabrics during spring? The perfect transitional pieces.

Outfit ideasTrendsMarch 08, 2021

Spring can be quite challenging when it comes to finding the right transitioning outfits because of the typical unpredictable and oscillating temperatures. And while we’re all dying to ditch our outwear, we still cannot go out without a jacket. This is why street style trendsetters have adopted the classic bouclé and tweed as the fabrics to wear in spring this year. In fact, stylish women are already wearing jackets, trousers and skirts in the timeless fabrics we associate with Chanel. And although the traditional bouclé is normally used in rather lady-like and polished winter outfits, the heritage fabric comes this spring also in easy-to-wear pieces with modern proportions and contemporary silhouettes.

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How is bouclé made?

Bouclé is French for “curled” and refers to the uneven knotted yarn with curls used in fabrics you’ll love to wear this spring. And it’s also the name of the fabric woven with this yarn, which has a looped, curly texture. Bouclé fabrics come in two or more shades and may include metallized fibres and sequins. Garments made in bouclé can be quite expensive because they demand couture sewing techniques and several labour hours. But the results are pure luxury tailoring. Likewise, tweed is a woven fabric, twill or herringbone weave, coarse and very durable. When you wear classic and comfortable bouclé and tweed outfits, you’ll feel you’re in the countryside, but they look as stylish in town to transition from winter to spring.

Chanel and the iconic bouclé jacket

Although many fashion designers, from Christian Dior and Balenciaga to Balmain and Gucci, have used bouclé over the years, the first that comes to mind is Coco Chanel. Certainly, Chanel made the iconic tweed and bouclé jackets the signature of the French luxury fashion house. Women worldwide wear them in elevated winter and spring outfits.

In the early ‘50s, Coco Chanel made her comeback with the classic cardigan jacket that became an instant hit thanks to its wearability and comfort. The elegant pieces in soft bouclé and tweed are so versatile that you can wear them this spring instead of a coat. They look fantastic paired with anything, from a chic matching skirt to distressed jeans or Bermuda shorts.

Miu Miu reinterpreted Chanel’s staples, creating stylish oversized jackets and miniskirts in checkered tweed for its collection “Always New, Always Miu” to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Watch the video below to see it.

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