The bra looks in the Psyco movie are hotter than ever 

FashionOutfit ideasApril 17, 2023

In 1960 the Hitchcock movie Psycho was released with a promotional poster that showed Janet Leigh in her bra. The daring image caused quite a scandal at the time. Fast-forward to nowadays and the Janet Leight bra looks have become the star of runway shows. Let’s have a look at the history and how to transform the bra look into a wearable trend.

Alfred Hitchcock and actress Janet Leigh during the shooting of Psycho.

The message behind the bra looks scenes

Besides being considered the mother of all horror movies, Psycho was very daring, and not only because of the bra looks moments. The murder scene in the shower is probably one of the best-known scenes in all cinema. Who doesn’t remember Janet Leigh screaming while being stabbed in the Bates Motel shower? The Master of Suspense was probably the first movie to show such violence being inflicted on a woman.

Additionally, the scenes of the actress in her underwear were very spicy at that time. But the bra scenes weren’t only sexy, they were symbolic. Sir Alfred Hitchcock wanted to show Marion’s transformation throughout the film. She went from an “angelic” girl in the opening scene, with Janet Leigh wearing a white bra, to becoming the “bad” Marion in a black bra after she steals money and has to flee.

Janet Leigh in a bra in various scenes of Hitchcock movie Psycho.

Bra, on the red carpet and runways

Things have changed a lot since the release of the Hitchcock movie Psycho, and lingerie has come a long way. However, as you already know bra-like crop tops are a trend in summer, for at least three seasons now. And luxury fashion houses like Miu Miu, Max Mara and Tory Burch included them in their summer/spring 2023 collections. So just put on your favourite pair of high-waist jeans and you’re all set, right?

Miu Miu shows that a larger cropped top works as a bra – Max Mara styles the trend with a chic long coat – Tory Burch uses bra and transparency to create a wearable style

Another popular style for wearable bra looks is to wear it with an oversized jacket, as proposed by Max Mara. On the other hand, Etro and Miu Miu suggest wearing the super cropped bra with low-waisted pants or skirts, leaving a lot of skin exposed. The big question is how to wear this trend in everyday life since anything goes on the red carpet or runways.

Luisa Spagnoliss is a pretty Summer inspiration – Giorgio Armani suggests a chic and glamorous way to wear a bra – MSGM is definitely a super way to add bra in the look without showing too much skin

Wear the Bra look in the right place

Movie stars, models and fashionistas are wearing the undergarment as shirts, under oversized blazers, sheer blouses or matching cashmere cardigans. Among the many who have adopted the trend are Emily Ratajkowski, Kristen Stewart, Katie Holmes and Bella Hadid.

However, for a wearable bra look, we suggest that you don’t wear this trend at your grandfather’s birthday or your goddaughter’s christening. Definitely not at the office. The bra look will look super cute on your summer vacation. Walking through the streets of Biarritz showing off your brand-new tan is legit. It’s also okay to wear it with a blazer for dancing at the club. Even though a lot has changed from the 1960s until today, going out on the streets with your bra exposed is still provocative.