New hairstyle trend: Easy Breezy ’90s Curls How to style it.

September 16, 2021

It’s time to wave goodbye to the ultra-ironed hair trend and welcome back the ’90s easy-breezy curls because, finally, the natural curly hairstyle is trending not only on Instagram and TikTok but also on the runway shows for Fall/Winter 2021.

Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? That’s exactly the new hairstyle trend we’re going for the next season. Back in the ‘90s, all the cool girls went around with fabulous bouncy curls, and the bigger the hairstyle, the better it was. From Nicole Kidman and Drew Barrymore to Mariah Carey and Sarah Jessica Parker, big volume hair was a must. Coincidentally, the new Sex and The City reboot is sparking more interest in nostalgic ’90s fashion and hairstyle trends. As a result, the search for hair products to boost curls has sky-rocketed in recent months.

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Additionally, during the lockdown, more and more women have embraced their natural hair texture and are now having fun with the new hairstyle trend. Zendaya, for example, has adopted the ’90s easy-breezy hairstyle, showing off her natural curls in red-carpet events. We’ve also seen Emily Ratajkowski and Selena Gomez sporting the new hairstyle trend.

How does the ’90s hairstyle look like in 2021?

The new take on curls looks very much like the ’90s hairstyle trend. Nevertheless, the key to this girl-next-door look is to keep it natural. Curls are defined, but not too much. And spiral strands shouldn’t be too tight, you want looser and softer curls. Have a look at this beautiful Toteme AW 2021 video.

How to achieve the new hairstyle trend with ’90s curls?

  • For women with natural wavy and curly hair.

Luckily, there are some easy tricks and plenty of new products in the market to get the ’90s hairstyle trend right. Firstly, make sure to wash and condition your hair with a range specifically developed for curly hair. After, gently remove the excess water with a towel. But remember to use microfibre towels that help reduce frizziness. Finally, add a curl-defining leave-in cream and gel, air-dry your hair or use a diffuser while scrunching it to bring your natural curls back to life.

  • For women who would love to have curly hair

Although perms have had a bad rep in the past, they’re becoming a trend again, and a good hairdresser can give you the ’90s curl hairstyle. Make sure to ask for relaxed curls instead of tight, smaller ones. So the perm will add just enough texture for your new hairstyle to look like the on-trend natural curls. But, do keep in mind that, if you have dry or chemically treated hair, a perm can damage it even further. So, it’s important to keep your locks well hydrated.

Our suggestion of hair products for curly hair

We’ve been trying La Biosthétique Curl Care Shampoo and Curl Defining Cream and we’re loving the results. The gentle and moisturizing shampoo prevents frizziness and the styling cream leaves curls more defined yet soft, appearing well looked after and healthy.

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You may also want to add coconut oil to your hair care routine.
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