Necklace bags: why wear a bag around your neck A/W 2020 hottest handbag trend.

November 5, 2020

When Jacquemus came up with the cute Le Chiquito bag last year, little did we know that tiny bags would become such a trend in A/W 2020. Not only we’re wearing mini pouches around our necks and loving it, but also the tiny necklace bags make actually total sense in our new-normal lifestyle.

Why are necklace bags such a hit?

A lot has changed since the pandemic started, and we’re looking now for comfort and practicality in all we wear. To know more about it, read Will Coronavirus change how we dress?

Working from home, we don’t need big totes to carry laptops. And since we’re not going out straight from the office anymore, we also don’t need big handbags. We don’t have to carry in our bags the makeup pouch and extra heels and evening clutch. In fact, we don’t even feel like carrying a bag at all. So the new necklace bags are the perfect option to walk hands-free, taking with us only the minimum necessary. These fun necklace bags are sometimes so small they only fit a credit card or some cash. But then again, why would you need to carry anything else?

The A/W 2020 tiny bag trend also makes our lives easier around the house, especially for women used to multi-tasking. Put your cellphone in the tiny bag, and you will never have to waste time looking for your phone again. Additionally, as soon as the lockdown is over, these practical necklace bags will be your best friends to party and dance all night!

Big fashion names and mini bags

Luxury fashion houses from Valentino, Gucci and Fendi to Prada and Moschino, to name a few, have all created their versions of tiny bags that are so beautiful you don’t need to wear a necklace. 

Versace presented its tiny bags hanging from bigger totes on the runway, while Prada’s version came embellished with long beaded fringes. High street labels were quick to follow suit and have their own take on the hottest bag trend of this season.

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You may also want to see how Lucy Boyton wears her tiny bag at a Miu Miu dinner party in the video below.

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Photos @zsela and @medeasisters.