#CloseEyeOn: Marfa Stance multifunctional coats Reversible and convertible.

Brand A-ZJanuary 11, 2022

We bet you must already be tired of wearing your coats. But is it worth adding new pieces to your winter wardrobe now? You know we are all for buy less and buy better. So, what if you could find one multifunctional coat to wear not only in winter but also in spring, autumn, and even in summer? A convertible jacket that would serve several different occasions and weather temperatures? Now, thanks to the outwear brand Marfa Stance, having a sustainable and clever capsule wardrobe seems much more effortless. To sum up, one can customise and transform the reversible coats by Marfa Stance into various kinds of outwear according to season. In other words, all you need is one seasonless coat. Then, you just customise it with multiple accessories instead of having dozens of jackets, hence minimising the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet.

Each piece is reversible a (…) and reinforced for constant wear on both sides. The product is constantly being evolved by adding new buildable accessories.

Georgia Dant

How it all began

Before founding Marfa Stance in 2019 and designing outwear, Georgia Dant worked at Burberry and Rag & Bone for 15 years. The designer got the idea of a multifunctional coat during her trips back and forth between London and New York. Like every woman who’s ever faced the problem of how to look polished during long trips with different climates having only the contents of one luggage, she dreamt of a coat that could do multiple things at once while still looking stylish.

Can you convert a winter coat into a summer jacket and vice-versa?

The British designer says she wanted to “create a garment that you can climate control and wear throughout the year, by building it up for winter with buildable accessories and taking elements off for spring and summer.” For example, you can adapt each Marfa Stance foundational piece with different waterproof outers, collars, hoods and inner coat linings. As a result, the inner lining turns into a stylish vest, or a shearling hooded jacket becomes a classic leather bomber.

It’s about creating a unique, personalised, timeless and seasonless garment that works for you and your lifestyle. One coat with multiple accessories for whoever you are and wherever you go.

Georgia Dant

The most versatile and personal outwear you will ever have

You can style and put your own twist to this multi-purpose outwear according to the weather and your taste and individuality. This means the multifunctional Marfa Stance coats will evolve with you and accompany trends, season after season. Besides the timeless design, excellent quality allows you to build, transform and personalise this life-long outwear. Consequently, the garments are extremely versatile, wearable, and modern. Moreover, Dant develops multifunctional apparel with a purpose, combining style with adaptable and functional construction. Family-run factories make Marfa Stance sustainable outwear in Italy, using recycled or headstock fabrics from Japan and Italy.

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Photo courtesy of Marfa Stance. Stylist (and Marfa Muse): Des Lewis – Photographer: Nadia Ryder – Hair: Mike O’Gorman
Make-up: Jesse Walker – Models: Mouchette Belle, Akbota Abkenova, Hakima Duot Deng Athuai