There is a new lifestyle trend called Lagom (pronounced “lar-gohm”), that comes from Sweden and has been conquering more and more fans. 
The whole Lagom philosophy is explained in a book, “Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life”, by British Niki Brantmark. Since Brantmark visited Sweden for the first time, she fell in love, not only with her now-husband but also with their lifestyle. She moved 13 years ago from London to Sweden. And she founded the award-winning design blog “My Scandinavian Home”. Additionally, she also wrote two books before “Lagom”. Her Instagram, filled with beautiful home decor photos, has more than 200k followers.

What does Lagom mean? 

In the video, you will have a nice explanation of what Lagom is. And how to set this new way of living in your life. 
I will spoil you with some concepts like ‘just enough’, just right’, ‘not too much”. In other words, Lagom is an answer to our inner desire for a balanced and calm life. You’ll see we need less than we actually think.
And you can apply the Lagom philosophy in every aspect of your life; in your family life, at work or leisure and even when decorating your home or cooking.

Brantmark explains in her easy-to-read book how to make small changes in your life. Following her guide, you can reach this balance that will bring you greater happiness. But if you’re already too busy to read the book – which in this case, you should definitely read it! We prepared a video with the most important steps to achieve a life with less stress and more moderation and balance

It is known that the Swedish rank among the happiest and most content people in the world. So I guess its time to follow their motto.

Grab your popcorn and have fun!