#CloseEyesOn: Jones Road Beauty, Bobbi Brown’s new makeup brand 

BeautyMakeupJanuary 27, 2022

The cosmetic legend Bobbi Brown had to wait almost five years to launch her new clean makeup brand, Jones Road Beauty. In short, Brown sold her iconic namesake brand to Estée Lauder in 1995, signing a 25-year non-compete agreement. So, by the time she left Bobbi Brown in 2016, she still wasn’t free to create a new makeup brand. But she was so eager to jump back into the beauty business that she wore during that time a charm necklace engraved with the expiration date of the non-compete. When Bobbi Brown finally launched her new beauty venture online, it was midst the pandemic. Nevertheless, thanks to her pioneer no-makeup makeup aesthetic and reputation, after only one year the digital-native company is already a success, including its award-winning light-reflecting Miracle Balm.

Do you want to know Bobbi Brown’s secret to a great makeup?

@justbobbibrown Reply to @lorihammer Here are my beauty tips for women over 50. #jonesroadbeauty #cleanmakeup #miracebalm ♬ original sound – Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown’s number one makeup tip for women is, ” just put moisturiser on. Not just on your face but also on your neck, on your hands. It feels better; it looks better.” And we couldn’t agree more with her. But we’d like to add that a good moisturiser is crucial for women of all ages so don’t wait till you’re 50+, the sooner you start taking good care of your skin, the better. As a result, you won’t need to wear too much makeup to cover up since your skin will be plump and glowing. Then, all you’ll need are a few multipurpose Jones Road products to enhance your features and achieve the perfect makeup.

The ultimate no-makeup makeup

The 63-year old makeup artist and entrepreneur is famous for her eponymous brand’s minimalist makeup and wide range of skin tones, which is becoming the norm nowadays. However, Bobbi Brown took a step further with her new line and says “Jones Road Beauty is the ultimate no-makeup makeup; you look better but not like you’re wearing anything.”

Bobbi Brown uses social media to advertise her new self-funded brand, sharing on TikTok and Instagram Jones Road essentials and simple makeup tutorials. The non-fuss makeup line comprises practical lip and cheek sticks, face pencils in several skin tones to brighten under-the-eye circles and hide redness, and a fantastic mascara. Additionally, there are also makeup brushes and apparel, all beauty products are clean, which means they only contain natural ingredients.

The direct-to-consumer approach allowed her to offer excellent products at affordable price. And, following the success, Bobbi Brown has now opened the first Jones Road flagship shop in her backyard, in Montclair, New Jersey. She says this is nice because she’ll be able to hang there.

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