Sparkling Insights into the Jewellery Trends SS24

FashionJewelleryMarch 26, 2024

The final flourishes of your ensemble – necklaces and earrings – might come last, but they’re far from being the least. In the grand theatre of fashion, these pieces are not mere accessories but the crescendo of your style narrative. Picture, if you will, Coco Chanel minus her iconic Verdura-crafted Maltese Cross bracelets or devoid of her trademark pearl necklace cascades. Unthinkable, right? Chanel’s essence was as much in her couture as in her jewels. Here at Notorious, we’re spilling the tea on the Jewellery trends SS24. This is not just a guide; it’s your secret weapon to elevate every look from your wardrobe, vintage or not.

Boho Meets Luxe: The SS24 Melting Pot

This season’s buzzword? Bohemian. But hold onto your fedoras; we’re not talking about a simple redux. Imagine the boho-chic of the electrifying ’80s crashing into the sleek 2000s. The result? A Jewellery trends SS24 forecast that includes an eclectic mix of chains and hoops, alongside a nod to the understated elegance of ’90s minimalism. There’s something for every fashion palate this SS24.

Vintage Vibes and Bold Statements

Calling all thrift shop queens and kings: this is your moment. As Nicole Wegman of RingConcierge puts it, chunky gold chains and statement earrings are making a colossal comeback. Think grandma’s treasure trove but with a twist of modern chic. Ready to dive into the most tantalizing Jewellery trends SS24? Let’s get into it.

The SS24 Jewellery Trends Playbook:

  • 1- Eternal Elegance: Tennis Necklaces and Bracelets

collage with Jil Sanders and Zimmermann jewellery trends SS24-tennis necklace
Jil Sander – Zimmermann – Jil Sander

Tennis bling isn’t just holding court; it’s ruling the game in 2024. Whether you’re splurging your bonus on a rivière of natural diamonds or opting for the eco-chic lab-grown alternatives, these sparklers are a game-changer. And yes, lab-grown diamonds are dazzling their way into the heart of the Jewellery trends SS24, marking their territory as the eco-conscious choice with all the sparkle and none of the guilt.

  • 2- Dazzling Hoops: A Twist on the Classic

models from Valentino and Givenchy showing jewellery trends SS24 - hoops
Valentino – Givenchy – Valentino

Hoops, or should we say, sparkling circlets of glamour, are no strangers to the limelight. This year, they’re all dressed up in diamonds, swinging from yellow and white gold settings. Whether you’re channelling Chanel or vibing with Givengy, creole earrings are your go-to for mixing casual chic with a touch of luxe. Remember, a simple white tee and leather jacket combo can be your canvas for these dazzling darlings.

  • 3- Bangles: The Bold and the Beautiful

models from Ralph Lauren, Loewe and Chloe showing Jewellery trends SS24 - slave bracelet
Ralph Lauren – Loewe – Chloé

Bangles– also known as slave bracelets are not just accessories; they’re statements. And when Tiffany & Co’s Elsa Peretti Manchette bangle takes TikTok by storm, you know it’s a trend to watch. From office chic to party glam, bangles are your versatile best friends for SS24. Think Chloe, think Chanel and embrace the bold.

  • 4- Chains and Charms: A Link to Luxury

models from Etro and Carven showing jewellery trends SS24 - chain and charms
Gucci – Carven – Etro

Gold chains are the chameleons of the jewellery world this season. Mix and match yellow and white gold for a blend of sophistication and edge. Or, for that old money allure, drape yourself in yellow-gold chains with a dash of ’80s opulence. And remember, silver is having its moment too, so why not have the best of both worlds?

  • 5- Sculptural Earrings: Art You Can Wear

Models from Tove, Missoni and Gucci showing jewellery trends SS24 - sculptural earrings
Tove – Missoni – Gucci

Last year’s viral Bottega Veneta drops have evolved into this season’s geometric masterpieces. Big, bold, and undeniably sculptural, these earrings are the conversation starters of SS24. But heed our advice: opt for the wallet-friendly versions. Trends may come and go, but style is eternal.

  • 6- Animal Kingdom: Unleash Your Wild Side

Models from Schiaparelli, Erdem and Ralph Lauren showing Jewellery trends SS24 - animal
Schiaparelli – Erdem – Ralph Lauren

Animal motifs are prowling back into the spotlight, with serpents, dragonflies, and butterflies leading the pack. Our pro tip? Combine the long-chain trend with animal-inspired pendants for a look that’s both wild and chic.

  • 7- Layering Luxe: More is More

Models from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Ralph Lauren showing Jewellery trends SS24 - Layering
Louis Vuitton – Chanel – Ralph Lauren

The long, layered necklace look championed by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Chanel is making waves again. It’s a nod to the layered extravagances of the ’90s and 2000s, proving that when it comes to necklaces, more is indeed more.

  • 8- Chic Chokers: Regal and Ravishing

Models from Dior, Chanel and Versace showing Jewellery trends SS24 - choker
Dior – Versace – Chanel

The choker gets a regal makeover this SS24, with Chanel, Dior, and Versace leading the charge. From gold to pearls and vibrant gemstones, this trend is all about neck adornment fit for royalty. The chic choker is not just a piece of jewellery; it’s a declaration of sophistication and elegance, ready to grace the most discerning of necklines.

  • 9- The Grand Finale: Long Earrings

models from Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren and Givenchy showing Jewellery trends SS24 - long earrings
Alexander McQueen – Ralph Lauren – Giambattista Valli

In the realm of Jewellery trends SS24, the long earring stands out as a testament to timeless grace. Whether they’re dripping with diamonds, swaying with pearls, or crafted in gold or platinum, these elongated beauties are all about making a statement that whispers elegance and screams style. Romantic or geometric, the key is in the length – the longer, the better.

So, there you have it, the ultimate Notorious guide to the Jewellery trends SS24. It’s not just about adorning yourself with the latest in vogue. It’s about telling your story, your way, with each carefully chosen piece. This season, let your jewellery box be your narrative, your style be your voice, and your choices reflect the unabashed uniqueness that is you. After all, in the grand theatre of fashion, every accessory is a character, and you’re the star of the show.