Fashion collaborations are nothing new. Every year, H&M brings a high-end designer to the fast fashion world. It all started in 2004 with the Swedish giant’s partnership with the late creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Then you have Adidas x Gucci, Louis Vuitton x Supreme and Gucci x North Face just to name some. But what makes the COS x Yeboah capsule collection more interesting than all the others is that the London-based retailer chose Reece Yeboah, an emerging designer with a baggage full of talent, a rich personal story and serious social values.

Reece Yeboah

Who is Reece Yeboah?

Self-taught designer Reece Yeboah was born in Britain but spent his teenage years in Ghana. His life was full of up and downs. Eventually, he returned to London and founded a sportswear brand called Saint, which has gained support from names such as Lewis Hamilton and Future. However, Reece put the Saint brand on hold to create his namesake Yeboah in partnership with COS.

Reece Yeboah’s creations are imbued with his personal story of challenges and resilience. Reece says that fashion performs as an “alternative form of therapy,” accompanying him through difficult times and allowing him to redefine his creative goals and personal passions. Now he hopes to inspire others to find strength, showing the next generation that it is possible to overcome obstacles and hardship. According to Reece’s words, “Never give up. When you manage to keep going and turn things around, even though you’re at rock bottom, that’s everything.” It’s an amazing message that comes with an incredible collection.

Click on the video to get to know Reece Yeboah better.

What does the COS x Yeboah collection propose?

COS’s creative director Karin Gustafsson, and Reese Yeboah conceived a unisex collection, pending more on masculine aesthetics. The clothes and accessories elevate streetwear with the tailoring and luxury finishing typical of the COS brand. Exploring the yellow and black colours, which represent Ghana and London, the limited edition is also available online. So hurry up, as Yeboah’s clothes and accessories are still in stores.