Indoor gardener: 27 pieces to make your day-to-day flowery For green thumbs.

Outfit ideasTrendsMay 12, 2021

Spring is almost here. It’s time to declutter your home with a good spring cleaning and get your feet ready for sandal time! Additionally, it’s also time to transform your house into the garden of Eden. Among the new hobbies people have taken during the pandemic, there’s one in particular that brings a sense of relaxation and serenity: gardening. So, let your inner gardener out and make your home more beautiful – whether you have a green thumb or not – with these pieces that will make your day-to-day more flowery, even indoors.

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Flowery caftans for the chic gardener

Floral caftans are essential pieces in the spring wardrobe of not only the indoor gardener but anyone who enjoys the luxury of comfort and lazy days at home.

Tea time, gardening style

Now that you’re already in your fabulous flowery caftan, why not enjoy a little break on your terrace? Prepare a nice jasmine tea to match your floral look, and take the colourful tea set on a cloud tray outside.

Stop and smell the flowers or stop and smell like flowers?

You surely know that a good perfume can lift your spirit, don’t you? And even better if it’s a spring perfume that makes you feel like if you were in a flowery meadow, even if you’re working from home or at the office.

Floral books and stationery

Decorate your house with flowery books. No matter whether it’s a sustainable yearbook to help you make changes to reduce your impact on the environment or a book to inspire your next vacations. And make your home office spring-ready with floral notebooks.

Sun protection with fresh flowers

On your terrace or in your garden, don’t forget to protect your baby face from the sun. It’s time to take natural daily doses of vitamin D in, but just a few minutes are enough. A cotton flowered hat will give you a romantic cottage look.

The right shoes for the indoor and outdoor gardener

Gardening requires the proper equipment, including the right shoes. But, of course, you want to do it in style. So here is the footwear to wear, whether you’re gardening or just relaxing on a chaise lounge while sipping margaritas.

Stylish gardening tools

These gardening tools are so cute you don’t even need to be a gardener to want them. Hang the tools on your wall to give a spring vibe to your home, or use them in your garden, if you really must.

Taking care of the gardener’s green thumb and hands.

Indoor gardener or gold digger? Who cares? You’ll certainly look fab in these luxurious gardening gloves! And after all the hard work, you will need the Garden Repair & Restore Set with exfoliating hand wash and creams.

Outdoor garden of Eden

I love practising yoga outdoor on the terrace. Light a scented candle for an uplifting ethereal scent. And why not put a birdhouse there? If you’re lucky, birds will come and make a nest in spring, just perfect for your garden of Eden.

And to help you with your spring cleaning, watch the video about the Scandinavian natural way of life, Lagom.

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