Best colour combinations to update your wardrobe Fashion Week styling inspo.

February 21, 2021

Most people stick to the same colour combos their whole lives—black on black, beige and white, blue and red. Don’t get me wrong, I still like them, but currently, I feel like mixing different hues to try new looks. If you’re feeling the same, here are the best colour combinations from the latest Fashion Weeks to update your wardrobe without buying new clothes. Trust me; these styling tricks are a sustainable and clever way to make your outfits look totally new. 

Grey and yellow

Pantone chose the colour combination as the colours of 2021, so don’t be afraid to add this sunny hue to your grey looks. Wear your fav grey knitwear and pants paired with a bright yellow bag, hat, shirt, or jewellery, and your look will get a whole new feeling.

Grey and green

The same goes for green. You can update and elevate your tracksuits and other grey pieces from your wardrobe with this colour combination. For example, wear a green vest and bag to brighten up ash outfit as Hailey Biber does.

Yellow and green

For an uplifting spring look, pair green with yellow pieces from your wardrobe; you’ll feel as joyful as if you were in a sunflower field.

Red and purple

This colour combination that Yves Saint Laurent used in the ’80s is very contemporary. A vivid red item updates your spring wardrobe and makes purple outfits more cheerful, just what we need now.

Red and pink

Burgundy and pink make a chic colour combo that you can wear now or and update your springtime outfits. As you can see in Zimmerman’s silk scarf, red and pastel pink also look fab.

Orange and lavender

We saw Instagrammers choosing lavender as the spring colour in the past. While the pastel hue is great on its own, it is even nicer when paired with orange. In fact, these colours make a great combination, especially after those grey and dreary winter days.

Pastel colours

One of the spring/summer 2021 trends that emerged from Milan Fashion Week is the mixing of pastels colours.

Same colour, different shades

Mix & match different shades of the same colour to update your spring wardrobe. You can also play with different textures for a modern look.

Finally, check here which are the most flattering colours for your skin tone. And watch the video with the best moments of Milan Fashion Week S/S 21.

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Title photo courtesy of Emilio Pucci.