Here’s why you should wear shimmer and sequins this season Despite the pandemic.

October 23, 2020

Despite the pandemic, I can’t help thinking the party season should be just around the corner, which makes me itch for shimmer and sequins, of course. But with all the restrictions and uncertainties regarding this year’s festive celebrations, are sequins out of the picture? We certainly don’t think so, and here’s why you should wear shimmer and sequins this season:

Be the party you want to see

Woman wearing silver sequin dress with blue belt bag and ankle boots, and runway photo of shimmer mini dress paired with pullover and angle boots..
Street style photo via Shutterstock. Runway photo courtesy of Miu Miu

Usually, nothing’s better to cheer me up than getting ready for a great party. Shimmer garments and sequins automatically put me in a happy mood. So, although the party season may not happen this year, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t wear fabulous sparkling garments. In fact, we need this pick-me-up more than ever.

Can you wear shimmer and sequins to the office or during day-time?

Fashion show goers wearing shimmer sequin tops paired with tartan.
Street style photos during Fashion Week via Shutterstock

Yes, you can! But because most of us are still working from home and almost not going out, you might want to tone down a bit any disco-diva glittering look. Mix & match sparkling pieces with denim, leather or wool this season. For example, this season, wear shimmer tops with sequins to glam up your plaid suits and add a bit of drama and fun to the classic office look.

Heavy metal

Metallic dress and metallic oversized jacket seen during Fashion Week.
Street style photos during Fashion Week via Shutterstock

Sparkle with a metallic dress like this Paco Rabanne. But wear the dress with shimmer sequins over a turtleneck and with boots for a cool look. A metallic oversized jacket balances extra-feminine dresses. Complete this modern look with chunky combat boots that are the heroes of fall shoes this year.

Silver is the new black

Shimmer silver skirt worn with sneakers, and a silver shirt paired with turquoise skirt.
Street style photos during Fashion Week via Shutterstock

Believe it or not, shimmer silver is as versatile and easy-to-wear as black. The silver skirt looks cotemporary and cool paired with a cardigan and sneakers. And the shiny silver finish elevates the Americana-style shirt that is perfect for Zoom meetings.

Sleek coats and shimmer 

One woman in silver coat and the other in silver pants with yellow trenchcoat.

Don’t be shy to wear shimmer silver and sequins this fall, especially in leather or faux leather garments; they look fantastic with basically anything, day or night. Wear a sparkling metallic coat paired with the velour tracksuits that are back this season for a fun and modern look. During the day, dress these fabulous silver trousers down with a yellow trenchcoat and sneakers. You can also pair them with an oversized fishermen sweater and ankle boots for a relaxed but stylish look.

Check the shimmer items and sequins we picked to elevate your stay-at-home looks and lift your spirit this season.

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