Gucci’s new mascara L’Obscur stir up debate about beauty standards.

March 31, 2020

The unconventional ad campaign for Gucci’s new mascara L’Obscur is stirring heated discussions about beauty standards and diversity. In other words, this is not your usual mascara nor your typical campaign.

The story behind Gucci’s new mascara campaign

Gucci asked British photographer Martin Parr to shoot musician Dani Miller to advertise Gucci’s new mascara L’Obscur. For the ad, the gap-toothed frontwoman of a punk garage band appears with almost no makeup except for the heavy-coated black mascara. Besides flashing unapologetically her gap-toothed smile and some wrinkles, the singer also has natural eyebrows that she’s probably never plucked once in her entire life. While smiling and dancing to an ‘80s song, Dani states, “When eyes are on you, you need eyes that are everything.”

L’Obscur mascara put beauty in discussion

The public received the campaign with mixed feelings. On one hand, customers complain about the impossible beauty standards in fashion advertisement. On the other hand, when Gucci chooses to show a woman that doesn’t fit into the traditional beauty moulds; they complain about the model being too unconventional.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, explained in the press release that he designed his first mascara “L’Obscur for an authentic person who uses make-up to tell their story of freedom, in their way. When we asked the talents to do the campaign, we looked for somewhat eccentric personalities who really wear their make-up in this way.

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In fact, L’Obscur is a bold, darker than dark mascara. Also, its well-designed brush allows you to lift and curl your lashes. Additionally, you can also apply the mascara vertically to achieve thick, long lashes like the punk singer. That is, Gucci’s new mascara gives you a raw and edgy look, like if you had been partying all night and kept re-applying layers over layers of the thick mascara throughout the night.

This is not the first time that Miller has starred a Gucci campaign. Similarly, Parr shot the quirky singer for Gucci’s lipstick advertisement in summer last year.

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Photo courtesy of Gucci.