Great choice! Keanu Reeves is the star of Saint Laurent campaign

May 7, 2019

Keanu Reeves, by David Sims. Photo courtesy of Saint Laurent

Keanu Reeves, whose movie “John Wick 3: Parabellum” is to be released later this month, is also the star of Saint Laurent’s new campaign.

Anthony Vaccarello, the Belgian fashion designer and creative director at Yves Saint Laurent, chose the actor – and eternal crush of many, who shall remain unnamed, don’t worry – to be the face of the fashion house’s Fall 2019 campaign. As Keanu Reeves would say: “Whoah!!!”

David Sims photographed the low-key and ridiculously good-looking actor, and Vaccarello made the art direction of the three B&W photos for the campaign.


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The portraits show a Keanu immersed in his thoughts, wearing all-black outfits as the real-life Keanu does. In one of the photos, the actor leans his head down with closed eyes, wearing a black leather jacket with a shearling collar. In another photo, with the head bowed down and dark aviator sunglasses, Keanu looks the part, like the movie star he is, in an elegant pinstripe suit.


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And in the only full-body portrait, Keanu finally looks at you with his most intense glare, wearing a super cool black leather motorcycle jacket, slim black denim jeans and a patterned shirt.


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The 54-year old actor, who played the gorgeous FBI undercover agent Johnny Utah in the 1991 great movie “Point Break”, looks even better today, and choosing him to be the face of Saint Laurent Fall ’19 was just right; Keanu fits to perfection the campaign mood and embodies like no other, Saint Laurent’s cool, rock and roll style.


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I must t say I loved Vaccarello’s choice because, besides Keanu’s obvious good looks and acting skills, the Canadian actor is known to be a really down-to-earth and generous person; when filming Matrix, for example, he bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle to each member of the stunt crew and gave 50 million dollars to the backstage crew of the movie. He’s also donated most of his earnings to various charities and always treats all his fans nicely.