Get Ready for the Wedding Season Not only the bride needs a fabulous dress.

March 30, 2020

We love the Wedding Season; it means it’s time to start thinking about your looks! To help you decide which outfit to wear to these happy celebrations, we prepared a list of what you should and shouldn’t wear. Additionally,  we hand-picked some fabulous outfits for a spring/summer wedding. Before choosing your look, pay attention to the wedding’s location and time. Because, if it’s an informal event on the beach, you won’t wear the same kind of outfit you would wear to an elegant affair at the city’s Cathedral. Use your common-sense.

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Wedding Season DOs

Do wear florals

Because most weddings happen now in Spring, you can never go wrong with floral dresses. Whether with tiny romantic flowers or bold ones with joyful colours, floral dresses and summer go hand-in-hand.

Do wear bright colours

Monochromatic or block-colour dresses are also great for the festive occasion, and summer asks for bright happy colours.

Do wear a hat or headband

Hats add unique glamour to wedding outfits. Decorate your headpiece with flowers, a brooch or some feathers, but remember that the decoration goes on the right side of the hat. Otherwise, for a more modern look, wear a fascinator or an ultra-chic turban. Or a headband like the Duchess of Cambridge does. By the way, did you know that there is a “hat etiquette” that says that the mother of the groom should never wear a bigger hat than the mother of the bride’s headpiece?

Wedding Season DON’Ts

Do not wear white

Although this seems quite obvious, you wouldn’t believe how many women choose white outfits. Don’t do that! The only woman wearing white at a wedding should be the bride. That’s a terrible faux-pas, and people might think you are competing with the bride on her special day. But there are plenty of other light hues like off-white or pastels what are stylish and perfect for a spring wedding. 

Do not wear black

All-black outfits are elegant but not really appropriate for a wedding as it is a happy occasion, not a funeral. You can always go for a black and white dress; this colour combination is utterly chic. Midnight blue and Navy are the darkest colours that are acceptable. Otherwise, wear a chic navy polka dress like the one the actress Abigail Spencer wore to Meghan and Harry wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress, at Prince Charles’ birthday.   

Do not wear “look at me” clothes.

Really tight and overly sexy outfits are a no-go. You don’t want to look vulgar or desperate for the photographer’s flashes. Unless, of course, your secret dream is to have your own reality show, marry a rapper and give your kids strange names. Your outfit should be sexy but in a classy way.

Last tip

Wedding Season usually means you’re attending a religious ceremony. So, dress accordingly. If you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, it is “de bon-ton” to cover your shoulders with a beautiful shawl. The accessory will, by the way, give an extra touch to your outfit. If you’re wearing a floral dress or a dress with bold patterns, go for a one-colour shawl and vice-versa.

Photo title courtesy Alexander Vauthier Couture SS19