How to get Mary Quant ’60s Look Timeless and cool style.

FashionOutfit ideasApril 15, 2019

The ‘60s revolutionised fashion, and the bold and colourful style of this era is still a fashion reference and strong influence for today’s trends. With the must-see exhibition on the mother of the miniskirt, Mary Quant, at the V&A museum in London, the look of the iconic trendsetter for the Chelsea Girls in the Swinging ‘60s keeps inspiring us.

The iconic Mary Quant who brought Mod to the masses is also an inspiration for fashion designers, stylists and influencers around the world. So keep scrolling to see how to get the cool and timeless Mary Quant look:


Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the ’60s and Mary Quant is the miniskirt. Although there’s still a discussion about who invented it, Quant or Courrèges, Mary Quant and the Chelsea Girls definitely made the miniskirt look popular. If you want to go “all the way” ‘60s, wear colourful minis in PVC, leather or with fun prints. Pair them with white ankle boots or, if you think that’s too much, combine your mini with flat ballerinas or Mary Janes.

Baby doll dresses

Loose minidresses with an A-silhouette were a must in the ’60s ’70s, and are perfect for any season. Wear these cute retro dresses with flat shoes and boots to get the signature look of the British Mary Quant.

Wide-legged trousers

Flared trousers and Palazzo pyjamas became popular in the ’60s and ’70s and still look very chic today; we love them, and so does Gucci’s Alessandro Michele!

Turtlenecks and sleeveless tops

Pair your Mary Quant style miniskirts and flares with an orange or purple turtleneck top for a typical ’60s look. The sleeveless tops and colourful shirts with bold prints are as trendy now as they were when the groovy girls wore them to go for a stroll on King’s Road.

White ankle boots

White boots, in leather or PVC, were a must for the Swinging Sixties girls. This is a trend that is back with full power as we saw in the street style during the last fashion weeks. We suggest white ankle boots, which are fresher than boots for spring but still keep your feet warm and dry in case of rain.

Ballerinas and Mary Janes

Minidresses and skirts look great with flat ballerinas and Mary Janes. The comfortable and easy-to-wear look suits the modern way of life Mary Quant made popular back then. But also today’s woman on-the-go. Avoid high heels and stilettos with your minis. Although the hemline was high, the ’60s look was never vulgar; think more “Twiggy”, less “Kardashians”. 

Look like Mary Quant with playful jewellery

Bold and colourful jewellery pieces in plexiglass or plastic are the perfect complements for your vintage look. Inspired by Mary Quant, don’t take yourself seriously because the ’60s look was all about having fun! Mix all colours, and wear big earrings, joyful bracelets and necklaces.

You can also finish your ’60s Mary Quant look wearing several slave bracelets.

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