Studying fashion in Vienna: from school to MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK Best courses in Austria

September 8, 2020

As the Austrian capital hosts the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK until the 12th September, fashion topics are hotter than ever in Vienna, especially among those who dream studying fashion. Recently, Notorious had a giveaway promotion with tickets for MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20. We were delighted with the high response and feedback we received. The success of our giveaway showed how many people are interested in Austrian fashion. Also, MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK offers the opportunity for fashion schools in Vienna to showcase collections of their graduating classes. It is inspiring for young people. Hence more and more students want to start studying fashion in the most livable city in the world.

There are several schools and universities where you can study fashion in Vienna.

University of Applied Arts in Vienna

Many famous fashion designers have come from fashion schools in Vienna, especially from the University of Applied Arts, and some became professors. For example, Helmut Lang accepted in 1993, a professorship in the fashion department at the excellent University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, better known as die Angewandte.

But before him, the Fashion Department had already been headed by several internationally acclaimed fashion designers. In other words; studying fashion in Vienna could mean you’d have professors such as Karl Lagerfeld, in the ‘80s. Additionally, Jil Sander, Vivienne Westwood, Raf Simons, and Viktor&Rolf also held the chair of the department of fashion design at die Angewandte. The current heads of Modeklasse are Luke and Lucie Meier, the creative directors of the fashion house Jil Sanders. And that’s not all. Petar Petrov and Ute Ploier are some of the fashion designers who started their careers studying fashion in Vienna. They both graduated from the Fashion Department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. By the way, the Angewandte offers the only degree programme on Masters’s level in Fashion Design in Austria. No wonder the Angewandte is the most sought-after University to study fashion in Vienna.

Modeschule Hetzendorf 

At the Hetzendorf Fashion School, you can choose between a three-year or a 5-year course. Additionally, students decide on one of the five main training areas: fashion design, knitting design, product design, model millinery and textile design. The technical school for fashion gives students theoretical a practical basis of the fashion and textile industry. Additionally, classes with a high degree of practical relevance bring students business and commerce knowledge. And the cherry on the cake is the location; you’d be studying fashion in the amazing baroque palace Hetzendorf, in Vienna. But because The Hetzendorf fashion school is one of the most renowned educational institutions in Vienna, there’s a strict selection process to enter the fashion school.

Kunst Mode Design Herbststrasse  

The Kunst Mode Design school first opened its doors in 1874 . It began as an embroidery art school, adding later a technical school for dressmakers. Several years after that, they founded a directorship course aimed to produce executives for Haute Couture. In the ’70s and ’80s, courses for textile restoration and stage-costume designing began, among many others. Today, Herbststrasse is a well-known school in Vienna to study fashion. But you also learn about the interplay of technology, form, function and aesthetics. Additionally, the SCHMUCK • DESIGN evening course is the only art and design-oriented jewellery training course in Austria.

Modeschule Michelbeuern 

Located in Vienna’s 9th district, the fashion school Michelbeuern gives you the technical expertise necessary to design. Additionally, the school teaches you to manufacture and sell a fashion collection. And last, the teachers pass you the know-how to update your portfolio and plan a product range. In other words, studying fashion at this school in Vienna prepares you for your future personal career development. 

Fashion schools at MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.20

Alongside many well-known fashion designers, the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK gives space to fashion school students. The Modeschule Michelbeuern HLMW9 will present a two-part show on the 11th of September at 5 p.m. Firstly, the young designers studying fashion in Vienna will proof their creativity with a show inspired by James Bond. Secondly, they will present individual collections in the Perplexshow.

Likewise, the Viennese fashion school Kunst Mode Design Herbststrasse will also be at the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK. The fashion school will show individual collections of the graduating classes on the 12th of September at 1 p.m. The creations of the fashion students are based on architecture and historical moods. And also socially critical statements that aim new aspects in fashion.

Title photo: courtesy of Die Angewandte.