As all eyes are on the stylish fashion crowd during Copenhagen Fashion Week, we must mention Nørrebro, the coolest area in the Danish capital. With plenty of trendy design stores, second-hand shops and cool bars and restaurants, Nørrebro is a vibrant and culturally diverse neighbourhood. Here’s a little taste of how special and on-trend Nørrebro and its inhabitants are:

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A magical world beyond the bridge

When you cross the Dronning Louise’s Bridge that takes you from the Inner City of Copenhagen to Nørrebro, you feel you’re entering a magical world. The streets of the coolest fashion area of Copenhagen are bubbling with a stylish crowd and different smells from all over the world. Check the short movie to see some of the many restaurants that go from Michelin starred places like the Danish/Italian Relae to popular street food from all countries. By the way, there’s even an official Shawarma championship every year in the neighbourhood. Additionally, the famous Kiin Kiin is the only Thai restaurant outside Thailand with a Michelin star. And since Copenhagen is the capital of sustainable fashion, there are plenty of options of Bio, vegan and healthy food restaurants.

Two stylish women at restaurants in the trendiest fashion neighbourhood of Copenhagen.

From minimalism to fun street style

In Copenhagen, Nørrebro is where the young, and young at heart, find garments to achieve our loved Scandinavian street style. The narrow streets of Nørrebro are lined with creative spaces. Little shops offer minimalist one-offs typical of the sustainable Scandinavian fashion labels. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of colourful street style garment shops. But there are also art galleries, tattoo parlours, cool barbershops and markets. 

Preparing a Shawarma  at one of the many multiculti restaurants in Nørrebro.

Nørrebro, the home of coolness and Samsøe Samsøe

Look no further if you like coolness. On the trendy Jaegersborggade street, for example, you can buy hand-made hats, sustainable articles for your home and hand-made ceramics. But there are also shops with denim and leather jackets, funky accessories and much more in every little corner of Nørrebro. No wonder it is the coolest fashion area of Copenhagen!

And then, of course, Copenhagen and Nørrebro are home to Samsøe Samsøe. This Danish label combines the practical Copenhagen street style with a typically Scandinavian spirit. Built on Denmark’s renowned design tradition, the Samsøe brothers create minimalist, affordable and accessible fashion with a clear Nordic look.

Nørrebro is the go-to area for Scandinavian fashion and cool restaurants.

Local Love

For the SS21 collection, Samsøe Samsøe‘s short movie Local Love shows a bit of the coolest area in Copenhagen. The Danish fashion label has been based in Nørrebro for the past 25 years. In fact, the multiculti neighbourhood inspires the two brothers. This is why they decided to tell the story of real people and their connection to Nørrebro in this film. Watch it to have an idea of what this neighbourhood is all about. It is such a fantastic place, we’re sure you will want to book the first flight to Copenhagen straight away!

To sum up; if you are looking for a vibrant place with interesting and stylish people and cool shops, restaurants and cocktail bars, do as the Scandinavian influencers and fashion-enthusiast do, go to Nørrebro, the coolest fashion area in Copenhagen.

Photos courtesy of CPHFW.