Does Victoria Beckham x Mango Sizzle Like Beckham’s SS24 Collection?

Brand A-ZFashionApril 25, 2024

We’re sending a birthday balloon up for Victoria Beckham as she hits the big 5-0. She’s not just a style icon; she’s a powerhouse mom and a testament to hard graft. Kudos, Victoria! The ink had barely dried on her birthday cake when she was already dazzling the fashion world with her debut collaboration with the Spanish high-street titan, Mango. Chances are, the Victoria Beckham x Mango line-up has been flying off the shelves faster than a gossip in a small town. Before you elbow your way through for that last pristine white shirt from our posh girl’s collection, take a beat and read on. Let’s dissect the chic genius of Victoria Beckham’s SS24 collection versus the commercial pizzazz of her Mango mashup.

Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2024

four model from Victoria Beckham SS24 collection

Victoria Beckham SS24

Parading her Spring/Summer 2024 collection in Paris, Victoria made a splash. Inspired by her dance floor days, the line-up included cosy leg warmers, oversized knits that flirted with the shoulders, and flowing dresses. Her quintessentially British tailoring was on full display too-
imagine suit trousers that dance perfectly with a matching shirt and V-neck sweater. Not to mention the Bermuda suit ensemble—it’s the knee-length answer to your office fashion prayers, paired sassily with knee socks and sandals. And let’s not overlook the chic—dresses and shirts adorned with English embroidery that are as lovely as a sunny English tea garden.

Yet, for all its runway romance, Victoria also dared to bare with see-through dresses and bodysuits sans skirts or trousers—a bold move that’s fabulous for the catwalk but might just make your grandmother blush in broad daylight.

Victoria Beckham x Mango Collection

Four models of the victoria beckham x Mango collaboration

Victoria Beckham x Mango

The Mango collaboration is as sharp as a tack—who wouldn’t want to snag a Victoria Beckham original without auctioning off their spleen for it? With price tags swinging from 80 to 300 Euros, it’s a steal. Channeling the effortless cool of Jane Birkin in ‘La Piscine,’ this capsule is, however, a mixed bag. While the blazers and shirts hit the mark with true VB finesse, the asymmetrical dresses and the rest of the collection might remind you of a designer imposter perfume—close, but not quite the real deal. And the accessories? They’re like seeing another high street rerun—familiar, yet missing that spark of originality.

Our Cheeky Suggestion

Owning a VB blazer, trousers, and shirt at pocket-friendly prices? Yes, please! And if the dresses tickle your fancy, think about styling them to tone down the cleavage carnival and the peek-a-boo sheerness. A strategic brooch here and a chic slip there can do wonders. After all, diving necklines and sheer overkill is not even for an adventurous night out. Fashion should be comfy, shouldn’t it? No game of how much skin you can flaunt without getting arrested for public indecency.

Remember, ladies, after decades of conscious feminism, we’ve surely got more up our sleeves than just a shock-and-awe wardrobe. Let’s dress to impress, but also to express. Right, Victoria?

Images courtesy @Mango and @VictoriaBeckham