From the 90s: Chloé’s iconic Aby bag is back

June 17, 2019

Almost 15 years after launching the Paddington bag, another iconic handbag is back; the new Chloé Aby bag has evolved but comes with the same famous padlock that was the handbag signature.

Chloé Aby bag, was the most-desired handbag of the Noughties, which every it-girl had to have, was loved with such fervour back then that the waiting list was almost endless.

The new version of the Aby bag presented with Chloé’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection is slightly smaller and comes in two sizes and four colours: Black, Motty Grey, Cloud and Sepia Brown. For Spring 2020, there will be more colours available like this beautiful pale yellow.

The new Chloé Aby bag has a more modern look; it is sleeker than its predecessor and doesn’t have all the trims the Paddington had. The famous oversized gold or silver locks are now lighter and smaller and come with the key hanging from a chain embellishing the bag. Also, the handles are shorter, and the bag comes with a long shoulder strap that makes the handbag more versatile, allowing you to carry it in hand by the top handle, cross-body or on your shoulder. The Spring 2020 collection brings Aby Chain, with a chain instead of the leather strap, and Aby in mixed materials:

It is a fabulous bag for everyday use with plenty of space to carry all you need, and the chic and timeless design of this statement bag will surely dress up any outfit.

If you’re planning to invest in a designer bag, Chloé Aby Bag is the one you should get, I know I would!

Spring 2020 Aby bag. Photo @ Chloé