Celebrating Earth Day with these sustainable fashion brands.

FashionTrendsApril 21, 2021

As consumers have become more environmentally conscious than ever before, many fashion brands have committed to ethical production. So, we couldn’t celebrate Earth Day 21, without showing you the top 3 Austrian sustainable fashion brands. As you know Austria is a role model when it comes to environmental protection. The country boasts a high development industry in the field of environmental technology and renewable energy. And of course, Austrian wait for the same regarding the fashion industry.

Tassel Tales

The three founders of Tassel Tales. From left to right: Sophie Eisl, and her cousins, the sisters Alexandra and Stephanie Eisl.

The slow fashion label is here to take you on a trip to Morocco. Their 70’s inspired clothing and accessories range from upcycled vintage denim jackets to babouche slippers. What’s most compelling about Tassel Tales are the materials that they use – amongst which are organic cotton, ethic wild silk and chrome-free residual leather. The brand pays especially close attention to recycling. They work with repurposed materials from interior design shops such as vintage carpets. Thus, each piece is extraordinary.

In addition, the label’s partners support fair working conditions. One of them is the Saheli Women, a non-profit social enterprise that gives jobs to 35 female artisans in Bhikamkor village, India. The aim of this organisation is to give women the freedom of designing their own work schedule, safe working conditions and a fair wage. Therefore, each creation is produced with passion and love. So, what’s better than a handmade, fairly-produced piece?

Bruna The Label

Aside from sustainable fashion brands, as true jewellery lovers, we’re always looking for beautiful and conscious gems. This is how we discovered – Bruna The Label. Minimalistic and absolutely natural. The idea behind the Austrian brand was born on the island of Tahiti. All of the pure gold and sterling silver that BRUNA uses are recycled and sourced from certified companies. Moreover, the naturally grown pearls come from the South Sea, French Polynesia and the South China Sea. As you might have guessed, each pearl is special, different in size and colour. Furthermore, Bruna The Label is conscious when it comes to their packaging too, it consists of recycled & FSC-certified materials along with water-based inks. Last but not least, the brand is committed to giving back so they have joined the global movement, 1% for the Planet. In other words, 1% of their annual revenues goes to environmental organizations.


close up to a green emerald paraiba by Skrein jewellery in Vienna

Skrein Jewellery is a family company that started in 1994. With the brand’s absolute love for detail, their designs are unique and carefully produced to satisfy each client’s needs. What makes them so distinctive? Their dedication to using fairtrade gold.

The brand became one of the first jewellers in the German-speaking area that shed light on responsibly produced and recycled gold. Then in early 2015 Alexander Skrein, the label’s founder, set the foundations of ‘’Association for fair & responsible gold’’, striving to educate other jewellers on the subject. By buying fairtrade gold we can support the concept of green mining, as well as offering better working conditions.

Enjoy Earth Day 21 by changing your habits; buy less, buy better.

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