How much SPF we really need Myths and reality

June 1, 2022

We’ve heard a lot about SPF before; never leave home without sun protection, no matter what, or else! But how much of what we hear is true?

There are so many products promising to protect our skin against the damaging sun rays UVB and UVA and now, the blue light from electronic screens as well. If you are lost with the vast choice and different opinions, keep reading to find out the myths and reality about sun protection products.

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Myth 1

The more beauty products with SPF, the better.


Doubling up products with SPF won’t give you extra protection. For example, if you use an SPF 15 primer, then an SPF 30 powder and an SPF 15 face mist, the sun protection you’ll get will be only as high as the highest number, in this case, 30. So you don’t need to buy all your moisturisers, primers and makeup containing sun protectors. A sunblock over your moisturizer is enough.

Myth 2

You don’t need sunscreen if you wear foundation.


Makeup alone is not a barrier against UV rays. In fact, even foundations with sun protection have such a small amount of it that they won’t really protect you. It is better to wear under your makeup a moisturiser and then sun protection. For more results, many dermatologists prefer to use a hydrating cream without sunblock and apply the sunblock over it.

Myth 3

SPF 15 is enough.


No matter whether you’re at the office or outside in the sun, the minimum you should wear on your face is SPF 30. But even so, to get total protection, you should spread half a teaspoon of the product on your face.

Myth 4

Anything over 30 is the same.


The higher the SPF number, the stronger the protection. As said, SPF 30 is the least you should use on your face, although we recommend you go higher if you live in a bright and sunny place. But be careful, this doesn’t mean that you will be protected for a more extended period.

Myth 5

No need for reapplying sunscreen during the day.


Sunscreen can only protect your skin for a couple of hours. You need to reapply the sunscreen every two hours and when at the beach, after swimming too. So what to do if you have already put on your makeup over the sunscreen? Will you need to start all over every two hours? Our suggestion is that, instead of destroying your makeup, you dust a powder with sun protection over it when needed, et voilà.

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