#CloseEyesOn: makeup artist Gucci Westman and her brand Westman Atelier.

October 6, 2021

If you’re tapped into the beauty world, you’ve likely heard about Westman Atelier, the scaled-back, high luxurious makeup brand line launched in 2018. The clean beauty brand is founded by a longtime Hollywood makeup artist, Gucci Westman, with ties to such stars as Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway. Her beauty tactics are sought after by both the public and celebrities. 

But who really is makeup artist Gucci Westman?

Gucci Westman is a California-born, Sweden-raised professional makeup artist. Her work has been seen on numerous women who’ve graced both the red carpet and the silver screen. Gucci Westman’s signature is coveted for her light but impactful touch when it comes to makeup. She has the ability to make a full face of makeup look like a “second skin”. 

Gucci is married to Rag & Bone former CEO with whom she has three children. Professionally, Gucci Westman has over 20 years of experience creating the makeup of celebrities on the covers of magazines and models on the runway. And since 2018, she was thrust into the public eye when she launched her brand, Westman Atelier.

Westman Atelier is clean and sustainable  

Westman Atelier makeup is made with clean ingredients and promises to deliver a luxurious finish that melts into your skin. Gucci Westman curates all the ingredients and products to her up to standard specifications, ensuring that each product performs at a high grade. The mission of the brand is not only to create clean, high-powered makeup, but also to make environmentally sustainable choices at any point possible, from ingredients sourcing to the packing of products. The Westman Atelier brand is filled with multi-functional face and eye products and gorgeous, premium makeup brushes.

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But what about Gucci’s approach to makeup and beauty

Gucci believes that a great makeup look starts with top-notch skincare. As a sufferer of rosacea, she understands firsthand that the texture and colouration of skin can make a huge difference in the overall look of your makeup products. Gucci Westman also practices the technique that made her famous: the no-makeup look. To achieve this, she suggests amplifying the parts of your face you love most rather than attempting to mask things you may be self-conscious of, like discolouration along the jawline or the shape of your nose. Gucci also advocates for a gentle, light hand in makeup application.

Less is more.