On 6th February 2022, Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. It marks 70 years of service to the people of the UK. And to celebrate this unprecedented anniversary, as fans of Her Majesty, we will review Queen Elizabeth’s timeless and elegant style. So click on the video above to see historical images.

Queen Elizabeth’s timeless style

While many critics dismiss the Queen’s style as dull or unspectacular, it is quite the opposite. One key element of her style is timelessness, something all of us can use to achieve the perfect wardrobe. She mastered the recipe of maintaining a very own and recognisable style while respecting the fashion trends. Even the classic shape of her dresses are spiked with details relevant to the times, but in a discrete manner that is discernible only to the more fashion trained eye.

According to Palace specialists, the young Royals keep pictures of her as mood boards.

Fashion as message

During these 70 years, The Queen’s looks have evolved (as well as age considerations), but her style has remained the same, becoming a worldwide recognisable signature. And not only did it subtly follow the trends, but it also gave political messages. Every colour and accessory conveys and expresses an idea. So much so that royal analysts interpret the signs, and these are taken in by the general public accordingly. Probably no other public figure worldwide has used fashion to transmit ideas for so long and effectively.

The Queen’s elegant style

Another remarkable facette of Her Majesty’s style is that, while admired and praised worldwide, it is not widely imitated since it is unmistakably her own.

Finally, the most significant side of the Queen’s sartorial ethos is that her style does not define her, but precisely the contrary. It reflects resilience, stoic and heroic regency, dedication to the crown, the people, and service to the country. Elegant, understated, timeless, austere yet colourful and creative.

Featured images by commons.wikimedia.org