6 clever ways to wear the trends for fall Update your wardrobe with few items.

October 13, 2020

Before you hit the stores and try on all the fantastic new arrivals, check six clever ways to wear the top trends for fall 2020. Of course, not all trends suit everyone the way they were presented on the runway. So it’s important to know how to wear the fall trends before jumping on the fashion wagon. Keep reading to see how to easily recreate some of the fall trends we’ve seen during Fashion Week, with pieces you already own. Additionally, jazz up your fall wardrobe by adding just a few new pieces that will elevate and update the autumn outfits.

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Wear the combat boot trend this fall

Street style photos taken during Fashion Week of two women wearing combat boots, one of the fall 2020 trends.

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of fall is ankle boots. Forget the classic ones. This fall, you should pair chunky combat boots with flowing dresses and skirts. Or combine them with tailored trousers for an unexpected and sassy contrast. Valentino and Dior are some of the luxury fashion houses that showed how to wear this fall trend. Valentino’s combat boots come with platform soles, another of the fall trends for 2020/2021.

Silk scarf

Street style photos taken during Fashion Week of two women wearing silk scarves on their heads.

Silk scarf print and patchwork garments made with vintage silk scarves are ideal for fashion enthusiasts. But don’t wear this trend from head-to-toe, or you’ll end up looking like a Versace ad from the ’80s. So how to wear the silk scarf trend this fall? Pair a scarf print skirt with an oversized pullover for a relaxed look. Get extra fashion points by finishing this outfit with thigh-high boots, a hot trend in fall 2020. A silk scarf is always a nice touch. And to add some more chicness to your look, instead of wearing the traditional foulard around the neck, wear it on your head, à la Audrey Hepburn.

How to wear the bright colour trend

Street style photos taken during Fashion Week of two women wearing bright yellow and bright green.

Wear bright colours in fall 2020. It’s the best way to bring some fun to the dull darker days ahead. Among the fashion colour trends for fall, you will find Amber Glow, a radiant orange. Additionally, Celery, a vivid green, and Royal Blue, the electric shade of blue, are a must this fall. You can brighten and update the outfits you already have with splashes of neon hues. Wear, for example, purple boots, or a yellow bag. Maybe some green gloves or a royal blue cashmere pullover. By the way, a beautiful red coat is timeless and goes well with almost everything.

Animal print trend in fall 2020

Street style photos taken during Fashion Week of two women showing how to wear the animal print trend in fall 2020.

This fall, you’re free to not only wear leopard pants but also to mix them with a zebra coat and snake boots, which are among the hottest shoe trends for fall! But do not fuss. If you think this safari is too much and don’t know how to wear this fall trend, just stick to one animal at a time. Shoes and bags in animal print are always good choices for a Voguish look. 

How to wear the tartan trend this fall

Street style photos taken during Fashion Week of two women showing how to wear the tartan trend in fall 2020.

For the fashion-forward types, you’ll love this fall 2020 trend; combine tartan with some more tartan! Wear a jacket and a skirt with different patterns of plaid, and top that with tartan tights and matching boots. If you’re going for something less “Brave-Heart-meets-punk-queen-Vivienne-Westwood”, mixing tartan with other patterns like stripes or polka dots is very contemporary too. Wear a Breton striped T-shirt under a tartan top or pair checkered garments with accessories with animal print. Just be careful to stick to the same hues. Or choose tones that go well together, such as red and black, when mixing different patterns. If you’re more the discreet type, opt for tartan in earthy tones. Also, wear one checkered item only, like tartan trousers, paired with a plain jacket or a cosy cardigan worn as a shirt.

Pencil skirt

Street style photos taken during Fashion Week of two women wearing a tartan and a leopard pencil skirt.

Pencil skirts are one of the most feminine and sexy skirts ever. One of the ways to wear this fall trend is like Prada and Agona did at F/W 2020 Fashion Week. They combined pencil skirts with tailored jackets, two excellent and versatile trends for fall. A denim or leather pencil skirt with a simple black turtleneck looks beautiful and takes you from work to dinner with friends. Pair it with kitten heels or knee-high boots. Alternatively, dress down the chic skirt with chunky combat boots or a leather biker jacket. A monochrome outfit will elongate your silhouette.

All Photos @shutterstock and courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.