6 changes in your skincare routine to get a flawless complexion 

January 14, 2020

For most of us mortals, to get a flawless complexion is more complicated than solving math equations, especially when you’re not in your twenties anymore. Luckily, there are a few changes you can make in your skincare routine that will result in healthy-looking skin and a radiant complexion. The first two steps consist of very simple changes in lifestyle that anyone can do without having to put much effort. Actually, you won’t even have to put your hand in your pocket.

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1 – Get more sleep

It is during our sleep that our skin cells renewal happens. In an ideal world, we would sleep 8 hours straight and wake up the next morning fresh as a rose. Unfortunately, this gets harder to do by the year. We tend to stay up late scrolling down Instagram feeds or thinking about our endless to-do lists. The city noises and light also don’t help much. So the number one change in your lifestyle must be getting a good night’s sleep. Turn your cellphone and computer off before getting into bed. Wear an eye mask to block any unwanted light. By the way, make sure your mask is a silk one as cotton would absorb most of the skin-repair products you applied. The same goes for your pillowcases. After a certain age, even a soft 1000 thread cotton will leave those dreadful pillow-case marks that you won’t be able to hide, no matter the amount of makeup you apply!


2 – Drink more water

I know you’ve heard this advice before, but I can’t stress this enough; drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Your skin needs water to get a flawless complexion. Period. There’s no point in spending a small fortune in anti-ageing products if you don’t hydrate your skin from within. Drinking enough water keeps your skin firm and glowing, and minimises the appearance of wrinkles, so always have a glass or bottle of water within hand’s reach.


3 – Facial massages

My puffy eyes don’t lie; the days when I would wake up looking rested are long gone. But thanks to the 17th-century Chinese beauty technique, I can de-puff my skin with a facial massage first thing in the morning, using the fantastic jade facial rollers that stimulate circulation and drainage.


4 – Wear the right foundation

Do yourself a favour and throw away any heavy foundation à la Kardashians you may still have in your makeup drawer. Lightweight foundations with a creamy texture not only look more natural but also don’t clog your pores or cracks as soon as you smile. The right foundation should be light enough to blur imperfections while giving you a dewy and even look. It should also double as a moisturiser and sun protector. Too good to be true? Not at all, trust me.


5 – Wear the right concealer

As with the foundation, the right concealer should be light enough not to become cakey. Especially when using around the eye, thick concealers end up creasing and enhancing wrinkles instead of camouflaging them. Choose a lightweight creamy concealer that can hide your dark circles and protects the sensitive skin around your eyes from UV rays.


6 – Microneedling

To help your skin better absorb skincare products and boost its natural regeneration, adopt microneedling before going to sleep. Don’t let the word needle scare you away. Gently roll the tool with micro-needles over your face. The needles are so thin you won’t even feel them, but the effect is huge, you will definitely notice the soft and younger-looking skin! It is scientifically proven that microneedling repairs deep tissue, exfoliates dead cells and increases blood flow. 


With these 6 changes in your skincare routine, you will get a flawless complexion. But do not forget this Summer to protect extra your! skin against the effects of the sun!