4 Voguish Outfits For A Freelance Lifestyle outfits freelance lifestyle

May 27, 2019

When the freelance bug bites you, you gotta be ready for whatever situation falls upon you, and a “bad outfit day” is non-acceptable within this world. You will have video chats with your boss and important clients. You’ll need to run errands or do meetings in parks, co-working spaces or coffee spots. So you better say goodbye to your washed out PJs. And get ready to rock your new “I-am-my-own-boss” Voguish outfits for a successful freelance lifestyle.

Every day, there are more and more freelancers swimming around the exciting pool of self-employment. Additionally, according to Trading Economics, the number of people working part-time is growing. And there are also the “new self-employed” persons who are not committed to working at the contractor’s office. For all the self-employed #girlbosses out there, we hand-picked Voguish outfits for four different occasions that you might come across in your freelance lifestyle. 

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Zoom Meeting

Two women wearing Voguish outfits perfect for a freelance lifestyle.

A freelance lifestyle means having Zoom meetings, and this means, my dearest self-employed folks, the top part of your outfit must be fabulous. So pay special attention to your look from the waist up. Choose a bright-coloured wrap blouse or a denim top with frills and puffy sleeves. Natural makeup and statement earrings should complete your look.

Coffee Shop

Two freelancers wearing Voguish outfits in denim.

Oh, the joy of having coffee while working and looking through the window. One of the best things working as a freelance may offer, and you need the right outfit for this relaxed lifestyle. This scenario deserves a very personal and comfy look that includes cool tops like slogan t-shirts, midi skirts and jeans.

Decisive Meeting

Two women wearing Voguish suits for a freelance lifestyle.

A go-to power suit is a must in every working woman’s wardrobe. Power dressing is crucial for decisive meeting outfits in freelance lifestyle too. Consider investing in good quality suits. You can repeat your power outfit several times by changing the accessories as Kate Middleton and Angela Merkel do.

Bureaucratic Errands

Two women wearing white shirts, one paired with pleated midi skirt, and the other, with black pants.

Unfortunately, no one is exempt from these annoying chores, and neither are we, freelancers. Remember to look professional at all times; you are your own product. So, if you chose the freelance lifestyle, make sure to always wear stylish Voguish outfits. Your next client could be hiding within a long queue of bored-looking people at the post office.

Remember you are your best visit card.

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