The history of Manicure: From 5000 BC to now

VideoWatchMay 24, 2021

Nail art has become an obsession these days. Proof of this is that the hashtag #nails has been posted over 151 million times on Instagram. According to marketing forecasts, The Global Nail Care Market size is expected to reach $13 billion by 2024. So Notorious went after the history of the manicure, whose beginnings date back to 5000 BC. In this video, you’ll see how Egyptian queens took care of their nails, for example. And you’ll also learn interesting facts about how men got manicures in the trenches.
The history of the manicure is permeated with social meanings, for example, the style and colours a woman chooses for her nails can be a hint of her social status.
The video also features recent manicure history, such as who invented the French Manicure or created the first nail polish.
If you’re sitting down right now doing your nails, just click the play button and enjoy.

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