Slogan t-shirts S/S 21: wear what you feel Just saying.

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Street style and Instagram queens have elected the slogan t-shirts as the hero top for S/S 21. Statement t-shirts and jumpers are a cool and fun way to wear what you feel, send a message through a slogan, or show your personality. Jamie Lee Curtis, for example, asks us to make good choices without having to utter a single word. And the cool “Don’t kill my vibe” knitwear is ideal for wearing to that dreadful high-school reunion or when meeting negative people and the Karens from the office.

Women sending messages with their slogan jumpers.
No words needed to send their messages

Couture street style

And fashion designers like Off White’s Virgil Abloh has made couture-streetwear and luxury slogan T-shirts popular. Likewise, thanks to Gucci, Balenciaga, Acne Studios, Miu Miu, and Helmut Lang, T-shirts with fun slogans or their brands’ name have made their way to S/S 21 high-end fashion. Additionally, trendsetters and influencers are wearing slogan t-shirts with a retro vibe like Rock & Roll band and vintage university tees. Follow their lead and style the cool tees with elevated skirts and under blazers for perfect spring and summer office outfits. In other words, in S/S/ 21, instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you will wear it on your chest!

Street style photos of women wearing their hearts on their chests with cool slogan t-shirts.
Wearing their hearts on their chests

Slogan t-shirts; a timeless trend

Although slogan tees are a hot trend for S/S 21, t-shirts are timeless, and their long story started in America during the Spanish World War. They were given to American soldiers to be worn as underwear. In 1938, Sears’ legendary department store created a plain t-shirt to be used as an under or outer garment for ordinary people. But was in 1950, thanks to sexy and mysterious Marlon Brando, that t-shirts became absolutely trendy.
Ten years on the road, in the 60s and then 70s, the t-shirt became a self-expression vehicle, used for slogans or protests, and others for commercial ads. Now, in the last two years, fashion has discovered the slogan t-shirt again. You can be fun or serious, politically correct or superficial, but you need to say something. Drop the mic, grab the t-shirt.

Fashion show goers wearing slogan jumpers started the trend of t-shirts S/S 21.
Street style during Fashion Week with cool slogan jumpers

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You may also elevate your slogan t-shirts by wearing several decadently oversized cocktail rings on your fingers this s/s 21.

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