Sissiotto style, an Instagram to get inspired and entertained even if you don't speak Italian.

April 8, 2020

If you’re looking for some excellent fashion inspiration, “Sissiotto style” is a fantastic IG to follow. You will see the fabulous OOTD of the Italian Instagrammer Simona Bertolotto. But also, fun tutorials that will keep you busy and entertained, especially now, during the Coronavirus self-isolation. 

Who’s behind Sissiotto style?

Simona Bertolotto is a visual artist and photographer from Torino. In 2011, she started her career posting elaborated dreamlike photos on Instagram. 150 of her photos are part of Photo Vogue’s portfolio. But thanks to her eye for fashion and effortless style, she’s become a fashion influencer and stylist with more than 100k followers on Instagram. She’s also to launch the line Eight Wonders, in collaboration with some Italian artisans soon.

Her style

Bertolotto’s fashion style is elegant and modern at the same time, and also sexy in a subtle way. Her looks usually involve wide-legged pants, bold colour combinations and shoes to-die-for. She mixes garments from research brands, handcrafted pieces and second-hand clothes that she forages at the Gran Salon, a famous flea-market in Torino. The 49-years-old Italian finishes her looks with various accessories,  especially her signature golden cuffs (one around each wrist) and extra-large flower brooches.

Her Instagram

Simona Bertolotto is not your usual Instagrammer. The 70-year-old concierge of her building takes the look of the day photos with her cellphone. And besides her beautiful looks, we love the fun tutorials that she films in her kitchen. They are unpretentious and extremely original.

Daily appointments

Since quarantine began, Bertolotto has started to make daily appointments with her followers for DIY sessions in the morning, using fabrics and bits and pieces she has at home. And in the afternoon, they meet again for a 20-minute workout. By the way, she makes a point to dress up every day, even when staying home. Check the influencers outfit ideas to stay home.


The stylish influencer teaches how to make beautiful flower brooches. You can also learn how to create obi belts using old ties or even a long vest embellished with old table doilies. Bertolotto invites her followers to share photos of what they’ve done together. She also posts in her stories practical tips for your home and delicious recipes. Even if you don’t speak Italian, you’ll be able to easily follow the tutorials.


And that’s not all. The inventive Instagrammer has also started sharing video-chats she has with other influencers, almost like short interviews, which are interesting and extremely fun to watch.

We want more than beautiful outfits

We love to follow @sissiotto because she is natural, charismatic, and creative. Also because we don’t want to follow influencers only to see what they’re wearing; this has gotten a bit tiresome. We like following women who are using their time to make exciting content for their followers.

Her mottos

Simone Bertolotto says she has two mottos in life, which are written on the cuffs she wears every day. “Never too late, never too old”, representing the new beginnings and her best life, that she’s living now. And “Good first”, which she applies to her Instagram pics and films, meaning the first photo she takes is the one she uses. Nothing is over-prepared and too perfect hence the impression we get that she’s showing her life as it is, without too much makeup.

Photos @sissiottostyle.