Hair trends for fall 21: From Gigi Hadid to Sadie Sink What's your favourite?

HairAugust 17, 2021

Are you too craving an endless summer? Because I definitely am. However, there is good news. The upcoming season is bringing cool haircut trends, and I can’t help but share them here. To get you excited, I’ve selected the most popular celebrities on Instagram and their amazing haircut to bring you the latest hair trends for fall 2021.

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Dakota Johnson blunt bangs

Blunt bangs are the #1 hair trend for fall 21, thanks to the Valentino Autumn/Winter 2021 show. Want to make a statement with your hair? This fringe is the way. Although it looks like a huge commitment, it only takes 5 minutes of your day to set it in the right spot. We recommend it to those of you who have straight and thick hair. Also, another tip is to shampoo your fringe every morning when you wash your face, blow dry it and you’re all set. Dakota Johnson is definitely the perfect-fringe-owner.

Billie Eilish platinum

If you’re looking for a change, then going platinum this fall 21 is the thing for you. We’ve seen celebrities like singer Billie Eilish and actress Selma Blair doing it. And we love it. Nevertheless, there are some things to take into consideration before bleaching your hair. Your structural bonds are not going to be the same anymore, as well as the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. To maintain the colour, you have to use toning shampoos (blue or purple shampoo). You’ll also need regular touch-ups to keep it blonde. 

Last but not least, in the case of Billie Eilish, not only the colour but her curtain bangs are the style among the chicest celebrities haircuts trends.

Gigi Hadid and Sadie Sink auburn wave

Earlier this year, Gigi Hadid ditched her signature blonde look for a beautiful auburn wave. And where did she get her inspiration from? From the Queen’s Gambit, of course. Also, American actress Sadie Sink who played Max in Netflix’s Stranger Things, is gorgeous wearing Prada and fire-red hair. But if you want to go red too, you have to make sure that the colour doesn’t fade. So to do that, use a sulfate-free shampoo because of sulfate and salt strip away the colour. Additionally, apply a conditioner and hide away from the sun, which can damage red hues.

Tessa Thompson braids

American actress and producer Tessa Thompson is our hair goal. She has been giving us endless inspirations with her hairstyle, from sleek bobs to beach curls. But the classic braids are one of the best hair trends for fall 2021. They’re a perfect hairstyle if you aren’t sure what to do with your long hair. However, if you go for braids, you have to take good care of them. So, to keep them fresh and long-lasting, wrap a silk head wrap before going to bed. That way, you will keep your hair from major frizzing. Additionally, you’ll have to keep your scalp moisturized; you can do that by spraying water on hair or use products like coconut oil, for example.

Alyssa Coscarelli new pixie

Founder of Emcee Society, the monetizing platform for influencers, Alyssa Coscarelli, has the perfect example of a pixie haircut for fall 21. It’s so flattering that we’re considering this hairstyle next season. In an Audrey Hepburn homage, wear it with a turtleneck pullover. So, this hairstyle can be the change that you need. In fact, it’s the perfect way to highlight your cheekbones. The best thing about it is the styling: you can wear bold lipstick or statement earrings and be mesmerizing. 

Alexa Chung invisible layers

Can we talk about hair without mention Alexa Chung? I don’t think so. The former MTV presenter turned into a fashion designer is our muse for hair, makeup and British coolness. For fall 21, Chung’s no harsh layers are a great way to keep the length, take out the weight and at the same time add volume and super texture. This haircut looks ultimately chic when you wear it wavy.

Those are the celebrities haircuts trends and styling that you should try right now.

Title photo courtesy @Prada