Try These 8 Fashion Tricks if You Want To Look Taller

The perennial quest for vertical superiority! For those of us whose reach might not extend to the top shelf, fear not, fashion has a cunning plan up its chic sleeve. Consider this your secret blueprint for dressing like you own a few extra inches. Because in the realm of style, perception is nine-tenths of the law. I am petite, and I’ve tried all these fashion tricks to make myself look taller. But not just taller, also more elegant in my clothes.

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1- First, Let’s Talk Trousers.

Slim-fit flared and boot-cut jeans are not just a nod to the bohemian rhapsody of the ’70s; they’re your legs’ best allies. Hoist those waistlines to the heavens—high and mighty—and tuck in your blouse to forge a silhouette that stretches delightfully from toe to torso. It’s a visual symphony that elongates with every step you take.

fashionista at Milan Fashion Week wearing a high waist and boot cut denim, a fashion trick to look taller

High-waist and boot-cut denim paired with a T-shirt tucked in is a perfect proportion for a petite woman

2- On to The Accessories—Size Does Matter

When thinking of accessories, smaller is smarter. Oversized bags might be splendid for stashing your essentials (plus a small kitchen sink), but they dwarf your proportions. Opt instead for a petite sidekick that aligns with your stature, not challenges it.

detail of a street style photo showing a small Fendi Bag

Totes and straw bags don’t have to be oversized, medium and small ones are just fine

3- The Crowning Glory; Your Hairstyle.

The top knot isn’t just a casual twist; it’s a skyscraper on your scalp, a towering feat that pulls your profile up, up, and away! This simple twirl can elevate your ensemble, quite literally. And this scrunchie too!

fashionista at Paris fashion week wearing a high bun hair style

High buns or high ponytails are your best friends if you want to look taller

4- The Hemline Dance is Crucial.

Mini, midi or maxi the key is in keeping it high-waisted and well-tucked. It’s a visual trick as old as time, or at least as old as fashion itself. But better than midi skirts are maxi skirts to elongate the silhouette. The idea is to create a continuous line that suggests you’re just a bit taller than your driver’s license declares.

collage with three examples of hemlines that will make you look taller

These are the three best hemlines for petite women. Take into consideration that the midi skirts should be just above your knees

5- The Nude Shoe

A nude pump or sandal are shoes that whisper a subtle lie to onlookers. They paint your legs in unbroken continuity from hip to heel, fabricating a few extra inches. We love these flat ballerinas or Marie Jane. Slingbacks are also flattering.

fashionista at CPHFW wearing a nude clog from Bottega Veneta

Besides wearing a monochrome outfit, she opted for a sandal in the colour of her leg, which elongates the entire look

6- Vertical and Monochromatic Mastery

Picture this, stripes that soar vertically, guiding the eyes upwards, elongating your form with each gaze. Or envelop yourself in a monochrome ensemble, a singular shade from top to toe. It will create an unbroken column of chic, stretching your silhouette to new sartorial heights​.

fashionista at Milan Fashion Week wearing a jumpsuit in green creating a monochrome look

Jumpsuits are great for petites, and we love the way she rolled up the hem and paired it with heeled pumps. With a monochrome outfit, you can even afford cropped pants

7- The Strappy Shoe Conundrum

Beware the horizontal strap, that fiendish line that dares to chop your legs visually in the most unflattering of places. Gladiator sandals, with their myriad straps, can be the worst offenders. Instead, opt for the sleek simplicity of footwear, hues that harmonize with your legwear, creating an illusion of endless legs​.

fashionista at CPHFW wearing a midi skirt and a sling back shoe

Pointed-toe shoes and slingbacks with heels or flats create a visual idea of continuity that is flattering for petite women

8- Coats of Length and Accessories that Ascend

Embrace the long coat, a garment that drapes dramatically, painting a vertical line down your ensemble. And why stop there? Adorn yourself with accessories that aspire upwards—long necklaces that draw the eye along a vertical journey, adding inches where none exist. Together, they craft an illusion of towering grace​.

street style photo of three fashionistas wearing a long coats

Contrary to what most people think, long coats or trench coats make you look taller

So, stride forth with your head held high and your style even higher. After all, in the grand theatre of fashion, every inch counts, and with these tips, you’re well on your way to standing a little closer to the stars.

Images courtesy @CPHFW and @Shutterstock