Spring/Summer 21 trends emerged from Milan Fashion Week To start wearing now.

TrendsDecember 21, 2020

As this year comes to an end, we’re dreaming of summer more than ever, since we all hope to be out of the pandemic by then. Consequently, it’s no surprise the lockdown and self-isolation have also influenced fashion designers. As a result, here are the ten Spring/Summer 21 trends that have emerged from Milan Fashion Week. 

MFW shows what fashion is all about

At Milan Fashion Week, luxury fashion houses went the opposite direction of what we’ve gotten used during the pandemic. That is to say; instead of comfortable and minimalist clothes, they showed us a fun fashion. We saw bold volumes, loud colours, and eye-catching prints. Versace, for example, presented an escapist response to 2020 difficulties imagining a utopian world under-the-sea. Models walked on the catwalk like beautiful mermaids, wearing outfits embellished with simmering seashells. 

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Exposed bras as tops

This is one of the spring/summer 21 trends that we have seen quite a lot lately. Bras are not mere underwear anymore. They are worn as tops, appearing under blazers like Versace’s crystal-embellished ones. Likewise, Boss, Etro, and Marco Rambaldi, among others, presented the duo blazer and bra. Alternatively, you can wear a bra by itself, like at Alberta Ferretti S/S 21. Or layer a bra over t-shirts and dresses to change the silhouette and update your garments. Otherwise, show a hint of your bra under undone button-up shirts and distressed t-shirts. 

Bold prints

Versace summer dresses come in neon colours with sequin starfish and shells. In the same vein, Marni presented bright colours and tropical flowers while Etro went with nautical-themed prints. Valentino and Prada’s XXL florals and Ports 1961 B&W prints are also examples of this Spring/Summer 21 trend. Additionally, Emilio Pucci and Arthur Arbesser combined bold, clashing prints.

Feather embellished skirts

Since 2021 asks for fun fashion, consider wearing this Spring/Summer 21 trend; feather-embellished skirts. We say them at Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and No.21. The glamorous skirts look fantastic and are super versatile. Pair them with oversized blazers and loafers to go to the office. Wear a fluffy skirt with a t-shirt and sneakers to meet friends. Or pair it with a chic top and heels for an elevated evening look.

Handcrafts trend: Crochet

Since this was the year of DIY crochet and hand-knitting, Spring/Summer 21 will see these trends in luxury fashion houses too. Valentino, who chose to come back to Milan Fashion Week after years in Paris, showed beautiful crochet dresses with hand-knitted flowers. Ferragamo presented heavy-knitted mini dresses while  Alberta Ferretti’s sweater came with intricate patterns.

Don’t you forget about me

You may be too young to have enjoyed the ’80s OTT style, but fashion will never let us forget this fun decade. This is why among the trends for Spring/Summer 21, we see bold puffy sleeves and skirts. Additionally, statement shoulders, frills and big volumes are a thing again. Fashion was fun back then, and this is exactly what we need right now.  Moschino, Alberta Ferretti, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana are some of the Italian luxury labels offering bold volumes for next season. 

Matching sets

Matching sets are back in different styles. For example, the sheer and opaque sets at Sportmax, and crochet shorts and polo shirt set at Fendi. Additionally, three-piece looks with structured silhouettes like Alberta Ferretti floral set and Max Mara’s with puffy sleeve jackets are trends for Spring/Summer 21. Emporio Armani also presented monochrome matching sets with asymmetrical top and trousers.

Either pale pastels or bright colours, as long as they’re mixed & matched

Colour-block looks are one of the trends we saw during Milan Fashion Week  Spring/Summer 21. The cute pastel outfits include Blumarine baby blue top with salmon-pink trousers. Also, Marco Rambaldi’s pale purple blazer worn with yellow shorts. Moschino and Philosophy brought sugar candy pastel pink and yellow dresses.

As for the bright colours, Tod’s mixed vivid orange with purple, while No. 21 combined purple with avocado green. To sum up, with these colour trends, any combination is possible in S/S 21, as long as it’s colourful and fun.

One of the most classic trends for Spring/Summer 21, sandy coloured looks will make you feel you’re in the Sahara desert.  Ferragamo, Max Mara, Boss, Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Fendi and Giada chose earthy hues for next season.

Layering sheer pieces

See-through dresses layered over slip dresses, as Fendi and Sportmax showed on the catwalk, or over trousers, like at Emilio Pucci and Act N.1, are a playful nod for 2021. This Spring Summer 21 trend is fun and versatile since layering allows you to create different looks, refreshing pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

Gloves, the accessory you will need in Spring/Summer 21

Nothing like long gloves to make you feel like a diva! MM6 Maison Margiela, Valentino and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini are some of the Italian fashion houses that envisioned opera-length gloves as one of Spring/Summer 21 trends. Consider elevating your next season’s looks with bright-coloured or desert sand hues gloves.

Title photo courtesy of Céline