The 10 best Netflix series to watch over the Xmas holidays Time to binge-watch.

CultureLifestyleDecember 19, 2019

Once the Christmas celebrations are over, it’s time to relax and catch up on the TV series you haven’t had time to watch during the year. Here’s our selection with the ten best Netflix series to watch over the Xmas holidays:

Stranger Things

I don’t usually like science-fiction, but I must admit I loved Stranger Things. The horror series that debuted in 2016 was a huge success, breaking Netflix records. In a peaceful American small town in the ‘80s, strange events start happening, including the disappearance of a child. A group of teens confronts terrifying supernatural forces, and when a strange girl appears, they find out about dark government agencies and secret experiments. Besides the fantastic plotlines, this blockbuster is also a great source of fashion inspiration for young people, since the ‘80s are very on-trend again.  And their parents will also love the references to the culture of the ’80s that will take them back to their teen years. By the way, check the article we wrote about the costumes and styling in the series; What to wear to celebrate Stranger Things Season 3.

Money Heist

The fourth most-watched series this year, and the first in non-English-language territories was Money Heist ( La Casa de Papel). If you haven’t watched it yet, hurry because the fourth season of the Spanish hit is about to premiere in 2020. Money Heist is about the attempt of a criminal mastermind and a group of thieves he puts together, to pull off the biggest heist of all time; to print millions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

It’s Bruno

It’s Bruno is a hilarious 8-episode show written, directed and starred by the rapper-turned-actor, Slick Naim. The short episodes are about Malcolm’s efforts to have his neighbours show the proper respect to his beloved dog, Bruno. Together they live the funniest adventures and misadventures in Brooklyn, where they meet unusual and strange characters. My daughter and I really enjoyed the witty dialogues and the weird situations Malcolm and Bruno get into. Even if you’re not a dog-lover, I strongly recommend this unique Netflix show.

Anne With an E

Based on a classic book, Anna With an E tells the story of a 13-year-old orphan who is sent, by mistake, to live in a farm with an ageing spinster and her bachelor brother. Although Anne grew up in abusive orphanage and homes of strangers, she is full of enthusiasm, imagination and high spirit. The super talkative girl ends up transforming the lives of the two siblings and the friends she makes in the small town. The 27 episodes of this Canadian coming-of-age story take place in the late 1890s, on Prince Edward Island. This is another series I watched with my daughter; we loved the cute, funny and sometimes sad adventures of Anne With an E.

The Politician

The Politician is an American comedy-drama series about the political races of the wealthy and ambitious Payton Hobart. The series begins with Hobart running for high-school student body president, which he feels he needs to achieve his ultimate goal; becoming the president of the United States. The show stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange, Lucy Boynton and Ben Platt among others. The production of the second season has already begun, but they haven’t confirmed an official realise date yet.

The Crown

This series is a must-see, of course. The historical series is about the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, from her younger days and wedding until today. Not only The Crown is a very accurate account of the queen’s life and historical events, and it also embodies the British culture that we like so much. The multi-awarded series has already three seasons available on Netflix, a fourth confirmed, and two more intended. Claire Foy portrays a younger Queen, and she’s replaced in season 3 by the Oscar-winning Olivia Colman. You can read more about it in the article all you need to know about The Crown Season 3. If you still need some convincing to watch The Crown; we heard that even the queen is said to watch and love the TV show.


Schitsel is a binge-worthy Israeli series about a Jewish family living in an Orthodox neighbourhood. The overbearing father, a widower, tries to find a suitable wife for himself and for his son, who is desperately in love with an older woman. Besides the touching characters and humorous dialogues, Schitsel is the first series that show on Netflix exclusively the lifestyle of this little-known group of ultra-Orthodox wigged women and men with black hats and side curls.

Master of None

The Emmy-winning series is about Dev, a struggling actor, pursuing love and happiness in New York and in Italy. Written and played by comedian Aziz Ansari, the show is based on his real-life experiences, with plenty of funny situations and complications of modern life as a young adult.


While we wait for the fourth season, we recommend you watch now the adventures of Ruth Wilder. The out-of-work actress and her former BFF, Debbie Eagan, a retired soap actress, end up finding a chance at stardom in the production of GLOW; Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The series follows the director and all the cast’s efforts to put on an all-women professional wrestling show, the personal stories of each member of the show and the friendship they forge in the 1980s.

The Ranch

Part 8, the final episodes of the series The Ranch, will premiere on the 24th January, so you still have one month to catch up. Ashton Kutcher plays Colt Bennett, a failed semi-pro football player who returns home to run, with his father, a ranch in Colorado. The show stars Debra Winger and Sam Elliott as Bennett’s parents.

Take a blanket and popcorn, and enjoy the series.

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