Predicting the future: What awaits us in 2023.

January 3, 2023

Astrology and other oracles have become very popular in times of crisis and uncertainty, as we are experiencing now. But this kind of wi-fi with the gods does not bring us concrete answers and even less the certainty we are looking for. Predicting the future with tarot, astrology or any superstition just exchanges ignorance for illusion, but the upcoming remains uncertain. That’s life.

A good example is that a couple of years ago, we start hearing about the beginning of the age of Aquarius. However, there is no consensus in astrology about when this age begins. On this topic, Wikipedia states the following:

Astrologers do not agree on when the Aquarian age will start or even if it has already started. British astronomer and astrologer Campion lists various references from mainly astrological sources for the start of the Age of Aquarius. Based on Campion’s summary, most published materials on the subject state that the Age of Aquarius arrived in the 20th century (29 claims), with the 24th century in second place with 12 claimants.

Not even astrologers agree on which astrological age we live in, let alone know what awaits us in the future.

So what to do to appease our need to predict the future? Basically, live your life to the best of your ability according to the highest spiritual, moral and collective values.
And if you do that, so will your year 2023 be:

1- This year, 2023, you will need silence

Yes, we need silence for our senses to function fully, especially the sixth sense. Our intuition is one of the best tools for predicting the future. So, try every day for a moment, 15 minutes; turn off your mobile, computer, Spotify or Netflix. Go to a quiet place, which can be your bedroom, for example. Close your eyes, breathe and think about the good things in your life. Some people call it meditation; some people call it prayer. Silence is not emptiness but a rich space where you can find answers and hope.

collage with a photo of a future teller sign and a hand and eye illustration

2- Invest in your work

Work is a big sign that differentiates us from irrational animals. We work to create better realities, adapt to nature and maintain life. Any work is a creative process; the sanitation worker creates cleanliness and order, just as the astronaut creates new paths for humanity. Both activities have the factor of modifying our lives for the better. So start enjoying your Mondays, and take better care of your work and talents. Don’t stop learning about what interests you; this positive ambition will fill your life with satisfaction. Doing that, the prediction for 2023 is a prosperous year for you.

3- Your love life will be an effort

Falling in love is easy; loving is not easy. Every year and under any Jupiter or Pluto influence, it is the same, love is a commitment and a constant work. Think that the secret of love is to love someone and not yourself. It means the wants and needs of the loved one come first, and you have to strive to maintain your good humour and patience and fundamentally learn to talk and apologise. So master your ego and selfishness and be generous without expecting anything in return, so your love life in 2023 will succeed. It doesn’t matter if the moon is in Virgo or Capricorn.

photo collage with a tattooed arm written fear not and an illustration of a magnifying glass and an eye

4- Your health will be the centre of attention

Only if you have lived the last few years lost in a forest in Vietnam believing you were still at war with the United States have you not heard that your lifestyle is the number one factor for your health. Doctors even put genetic disposition to develop certain diseases in second place; lifestyle comes first. So eat better, cut down on sugar, cut down the alcohol, stop smoking and increase your exercise time. Take care and do your best for yourself, and stop blaming the stars for your laziness and lack of willpower.

5- Your financial life in 2023

Research published in the scientific journal National Academy of Sciences suggested that money buys happiness and that life with money is less stressful. However, a 2010 survey organised by Nobel Prize winners in economics Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton, points out that a person’s emotional well-being did not improve as they earned more money past the $75,000 annual threshold. That’s the magic number; $75,000 a year!
However, we have to consider that billions of people in the world live below that threshold, and billions are happy. Money comes and goes, it is fluid and unreliable, but your education and your moral and religious values are indestructible.

photo collage-a church-a guy praying- an illustration os a heart

6 – What about your luck in 2023?

Luck is fundamental, we can do everything right in this life, but luck is the quantum leap that changes everything. What to do? Play tarot, read your hand, bathe in salt? Nope, it’s no use. It’s not what comes from the outside that changes you, but what comes from inside you. And the secret is to keep your sense of contentment and social contact. This year you will see more people than last year, so you will have more opportunities to show yourself professionally, present your plans, and interact more, and your luck will increase. Be content about your life, and be grateful for your work, your body, your health, your friends and even your family members. It is also important not to compare yourself to anyone, but never stop dreaming; dream big, grandly and a lot. The One who is in the stars listening to your dreams is called God, and He will listen to you.

Predicting the future like that will guarantee you a happy and peaceful 2023.

Collage @notorious-mag, Images @unsplash