Next in Fashion, the Netflix series to watch now Spend quarantine with Alexa Chung.

March 25, 2020

Thanks to Next in Fashion, you can spend quarantine with the BFF everyone would love to have, Alexa Chung. The Netflix series, hosted by the British it-girl-turned-designer and the Queer Eye’s Tan France, is a reality competition perfect for binge-watching during Coronavirus times.

In each episode, Tan France and Alexa Chung present a new theme to a group of really talented contestants. After that, the fashion designers are challenged to create a men’s and a women’s look, which they will show in a runway show judged by guests from the fashion industry. So at the end of each episode, two contestants are eliminated, and then, there was one.

Besides Alexa’s fabulous outfits, there are a few other reasons why we loved Next in Fashion

The contestants

Next in Fashion is not your usual reality competition. This is to say, its eighteen contestants aren’t newcomers. In fact, they are already well-established fashion designers; all, except one, have their own brand. The contestants come from all over the world. For example, there’s Minju Kim, from South Korea and Angel Chen, from China. Additionally, two British Central Saint Martins graduates, a streetwear king who designs for L.A. celebrities. Similarly, designers and ghost designers from New York, Mexico, Italy, Canada and more. Therefore, it is interesting to get to know, as the episodes go by, their stories, different styles and personalities. 

The themes

The first challenge is a red-carpet outfit. In the same vein, the themes for each episode are wide-ranging and go from denim and streetwear to military, suits and underwear. It is really fascinating to see behind the scenes of fashion creation. The designers explain to Tan and Alexa the inspiration and concept of each design and seeing all the hard work that goes into each piece is amazing.

The closet

Before each episode, an incredible closet is replenished with a new and vast array of fabrics, buttons, zippers, feathers, lace and anything else the designers might dream of to create their outfits.


The panel of judges changes for each episode. For example, Tan and Chung bring in designers Christopher Kane, Prabal Gurung, Kirby-Jean Raymond, Tommy Hilfiger and Philip Lim, among others. Additionally, there is also Elizabeth Stewart, a stylish for Hollywood celebrities like Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts. Also in the judges’ panel, Elizabeth von der Goltz, the Global Buyer Director for the luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter, and Instagram’s Eva Chen.

The prize

Winning the competition means the designer will not only receive 250.000 US$ to invest in his /her brand but also have the pieces created during the series sold on Net-a-Porter. As a result, this will certainly turn the winning designer into a household name in no time.

Very good

Firstly, the talent of these contestants is impressive. To clarify, it is incredible the jaw-dropping pieces they create in such a short period. Secondly, diversity is a strong element in Next in Fashion. In fact, the show has put together a group of designers from different backgrounds, styles, countries and ages. Additionally, the models chosen for the runway shows are from all shapes and sizes. And finally, throughout the ten episodes, we can see a genuine camaraderie between the contestants. Consequently, they exchange advice and help even though they are competing against each other, and that is inspiring. 

Not so good 

Of course, as expected in a reality show, there are some cringy moments like France tearfully telling the designers how much he and Alexa care for them. Additionally, contestants who are about to be eliminated are asked how they’re feeling and how winning the competition could have changed their lives. All this with a sad-song in the background, naturally. Moreover, when the super talented duo Minju and Angel struggle with the lingerie challenge because their style isn’t “sexy” enough, Tan France seems to attribute the fact that both designers are single to this. 

Spoiler Alert

In short, the most beautiful moment, in my opinion, happens in the very last episode between the two final contestants. Minju Kim asks for advice to the British Daniel Fletcher regarding a problem she’s having with the pièce de résistance of her collection; a wedding dress. And Fletcher comes up with the solution to her design issue. To me, at that point of the competition, both with so much at stakes, to see Kim’s humility to ask for help and Fletcher’s selflessness and generosity in helping, was very moving.

And the best part is that you can already get the creations of the winner here! If you purchase something through the links in this post, Notorious-mag will get a commission.