How to make your husband help at home with the coronavirus situation.

LifestyleMenMarch 20, 2020

You might be asking yourself how to make your husband help at home now that you, your better-half and the kids are 24 hours a day together in your home-sweet-home. Social distancing and self-confinement because of Coronavirus have brought a new living situation for most families. If before we used to meet around the table for breakfast and dinner, now we’re all confined together 24/7. It is challenging to keep our daily routines working from home, and you will definitely need help around the house to maintain it livable.

You probably have kids running around, playing loudly or worse, in a bad mood, complaining they are bored. Not to mention the dog, more excited than usual with so much company. It can be almost impossible to get any work done. Let alone the house chores!

So, who is going to cook three meals a day, tidy and clean the house, do the dishes, laundry etc.? How do you get your husband to help you around the house?

Don’t ask for help

First of all, let’s clarify things. You shouldn’t make your husband feel he is giving you a hand with your job. Keeping the house tidy and the family fed is not your sole function. You are both adults, partners, living in the same house, with an equal share of responsibility. However, if you do have to ask for help, make sure you do it with love and not exasperation and anger.

Don’t be a control-freak

In theory, at least, your husband is a fully functioning person, so treat him like one. That is to say, don’t try to have him do things the same way you do them. No, not even when it’s more than evident that your way is the right way! If he dirties all the pots and pans you have in the kitchen to prepare one single meal, be strong. Do bite your tongue and control your need to explain how much easier it could be, doing things your way. Don’t boss him around.

Give credit where credit is due

As your equal partner, your husband doesn’t need accolades every time he hangs the wet towel in the bathroom instead of just leaving it on the bed. To have your husband help at home shouldn’t feel like he’s doing you a favour. Having said that, praising your hubby for a job well done, especially one you didn’t ask him to do, might help him feel proud and happy for sharing the house chores with you. 

Remember, nobody knows how long the self-confinement will last. Possibly, you’ll end up wanting to kill each other. On the other hand, you can take advantage of this time to work together as a team, having the same goal, which is a loving home and a healthy family. As a result, you’ll come out of the Corona crisis much happier and united.

By the way, looking good has never hurt anybody. A smitten hubby will surely be more than delighted to help you. So, if you think your better half needs a little extra motivation, here are 6 influencers outfit ideas to stay home.

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