Get to Know Jewellery Designer Sabine Getty Rainbow queen.

Brand A-ZFashionNovember 06, 2019

Have you already heard about jewellery designer Sabine Getty? If you aren’t in the front row of major fashion shows or partying on luxurious boats with A-list friends, probably not. But socialite Sabine Getty is becoming one of the most important new generation jewellery designers.

London-based Sabine Getty is at same time chic, sophisticated and full of sense of humour. Yes, the kind of girl we love.

For her latest Memphis collection lookbook, the designer created a colourful world, inhabited by actors, famous faces, an aunt and the designer herself. The bright primary colours, the creative atmosphere of the fun photos and her clean but luxurious designs are delicious. It summarises the glam and exuberant party girl lifestyle that Sabine has. In her own words, she aims to bring the magic of the arts, cinema, and characters from fiction to reality and to create the world around it through the language of jewellery.

Sabine Ghanem is an Egyptian-Lebanese born in Switzerland who studied at the elite Swiss boarding school Beau-Soleil. In her teens, she was a bit of a trouble-kid in the eyes of her parents who expected her to get married and settle down. All parents dream, but instead, she chose to study opera and theatre before graduating from the Gemological Institute of America.

In 2012 Sabine moved to London where she started designing her first jewellery line inspired by a 12th Century medieval box she saw in a decorative arts book. She had her pieces produced in Florence, and soon after, they were already being sold in stores such as Bergdorf Goodman NY, Maxfield LA, Browns and Matches in London, Montaigne Market in Paris as well as stores in Monaco, Vienna, and Beirut. Beautiful, intelligent, funny and good in business…life is not fair.

After managing to have one of her idols, Celine Dion, wear her jewellery for a photoshoot, a long list of celebrities and socialites followed, such as Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Nicole Kidman and top model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Sabine met at a New York dinner party Joseph Getty, son of Mark Getty, co-founder of Getty Images, and grandson of oil baron Sir John Paul Getty. He told her right from the start that they would get married! 4 years later, they were married in a Fairy-Tale ceremony in Rome. She had custom made by French haute couture Schiaparelli a lavish gown and a hooded cape, designed by Maison Lesage with a 500,000 sequins golden sun hand-embroidered on the back and matching embroidered shoes made by her friend and designer Charlotte Olympia. It was a three-day celebration starting with a “Liaisons Dangereuses” themed party at Palazzo Taverna and ending with another sumptuous party at Castello Odescalchi, a breath-taking setting on the seaside near Rome. The guest list was as impressive as the parties; Princess Beatrice, Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, Charlotte Olympia Dellal, Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo, Ginevra Elkann, Julia Restoin Roitfeld Bianca Brandolini d’Adda and so on.

As she once said: “We love a party, we love to dance, we love to dress up. The less-is-more, dirty-hair look is not really my thing.”

Title photos @sabinnegetty

Christine Schönburg