Why wear makeup during Coronavirus times Inspired by PFW

April 16, 2020

You may feel it’s a waste of time and money to wear makeup while staying at home during Coronavirus times. Or you might see it as a bit trivial, to think about makeup in the midst of these uncertain and unpredictable days. But experts state that maintaining your beauty routine can actually help you during the COVID-19 quarantine. Here is why:

1 – Sense of normality

Right now, keeping your usual routine is crucial for your psychological well-being. Get ready as if you were going to the office, it will help you separate workdays from weekends. A little makeup during the Coronavirus period can also make you feel more productive. Consequently, you’ll be less prone to hit the couch in your pyjamas to binge-watch Netflix series like Money Heist and Tiger King all week.


If you don’t want to go full-on makeup these days, apply a good tinted moisturiser. Bare Minerals’ Complexion Rescue or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser will give you a healthy glow even if you haven’t been out of the house for days. Add a touch of Dr Perricone blush on your cheeks and Gucci’s new mascara, and you’re ready.

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2 – Boosts centeredness

Instead of rushing, take advantage of this quarantine to spend more time with your makeup routine. Concentrate on the look you’re creating. Focusing on yourself for a moment brings a sense of centeredness and balance.

3 – It’s fun

Putting on makeup is fun, no wonder youtube and Instagram beauty tutorials are trending more than ever now. With extra time on your hands, why not experiment, for example, with bold eye shadows you wouldn’t normally wear?

4 – PFW inspiration

Get inspired by the makeup during Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 and let your imagination fly high. Try watercolour eyes with the cobalt violet eyeshadow Isamaya Ffrench used for Vivienne Westwood. Or explore the metallic green and fuchsia combination Tom Pecheux created for Altuzzara.

Make golden cat eyes with MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid as Pat McGrath did for Valentino.

Or go back in time to the ’80s and make your eyes pop with a neon pink mascara as Off-White catwalk looks.

Title image courtesy from Bobbi Brown