Why do David and Victoria Beckham share skin-care products?

January 21, 2019

Photo @ Shutterstock

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After an almost 20-year marriage, the power couple Victoria and David Beckham revealed they share their favourite skin-care products, is this the secret of their good-looks only or of their successful marriage too?

The tattooed football star admitted that his approach to grooming had always involved stealing his wife’s beauty products. Because he knows Victoria Beckham has only the best products, he uses whatever the fashion designer uses and follows her advice when it comes to taking care of his hair and skin. From the early days, David Beckham has been setting hair trends in the football world, with all his different and extra-groomed hairstyles that players and fans around the world have copied over the years. After retiring at age 38, it was only natural that David Beckham would go into the beauty business. The Brit has just launched a line in a partnership with L’Oréal, called House 99, with products for men’s hair and a Tattoo Body moisturising cream, among others.

But back to Posh and Becks’ shared beauty products and routines. The stylish couple, who, despite rumours, continue very much together after 20 years and four children, have some favourite beauty products and grooming routines, which David’s adopted from his wife:

Although his wife loves doing a mask before going to bed or just after getting up, the footballer has only taken up this habit recently. The first mask he’s ever tried was Tom Ford Mud Mask. David says it is important to find time for a facial, to hydrate his skin; he added that “it makes you feel great as well”.


The first couple of fashion love the products of the skincare expert Sarah Chapman. The overnight treatment works as an anti-ageing serum and provides antioxidants, vitamins, minerals to smooth and brighten the skin.


The mother-of-four sees the famous dermatologist Harold Lancer who was able to sort her problematic skin. His “The Method”, consists of a three-step care routine designed to delay the ageing process, Lancer Cleanse, Lancer Polish, an anti-ageing exfoliant that speeds up cellular turnover, and the third step, Lancer Nourish, that increases the oxygen content and stimulates the cell function and moisture. The dermatologist list of clients includes Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, so he must be doing something right.