When fashion meets art

November 6, 2018

Photo by @deliriouseyewear_com

Fashion is inspired by Art and Art is inspired by fashion. By saying that we are not telling you anything new. The two fields have always been interconnected and found their expressions in each other throughout the years.

We have Elsa Schiaparelli for instance. In the 30´s she already got inspired by the surreal art of her good friend Salvador Dalí who in return saw her as one of his muses. Also, think about Viktor & Rolf who transformed artworks into wearable fashion (or vice versa) for their 2015 couture collection or the handbag designs Jeff Koons did for Louis Vuitton and which feature Monet´s “Water Lilies” and Gauguin´s “Delightful Land” among others. 

You see, there are endless examples of how how fashion and art influence each other. We even found some amazing Instagram accounts who give us a different view on art as well as fashion and show perfectly how these two work together. 
So, if you are tired of seeing the same outfits and designer handbags on Instagram over and over again and seek new inspiration, follow these!

1. @pamelagolbin

The chief curator of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris knows exactly what she is talking about. On her Instagram she shares snaps from fashion shows as well as from her daily work life. 


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2.  @lakwena

The London based artist shows us her colourful and empowering art that can be found in different cities. With her work she supports various charity projects and organisations which we think is amazing. Doing something good while being creative sounds like the perfect thing to do.


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3. @freeda

With its almost 700k followers Freedamedia ist getting a lot of attention and we totally understand why. The graphics and collages adress current topics and present them in a funny way. Unfortunately just in Italian…


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4. @alicestori 

Alice Stori Liechtenstein is a design curator and exhibition maker. On her account she shows art, travels and a lot of behind the scenes shots from her daily work life so that you get an interesting insight in what she is doing. 

5. @vibesbyclaudia

Claudia Argueta is a graphic designer who does really funny illustrations of iconic and day to day fashion moments as she states on her profile. You´ll find everything there form Gucci, to the Queen as well as Karl and Kanye. 


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6. @deliriouseyewear_com

The Italian eyewear brand publishes very interesting collages that make us smile everytime we see them. A really nice take on remix and surrealism where retro meets modern. Oh, and they have some really nice glasses too.