What were the most googled fashion trends in 2020? You'll never guess.

December 22, 2020

Despite what everybody’s talked about during this pandemic year, you will be surprised to know that jogging pants and athleisure were not among the top ten most googled fashion trends in 2020. In fact, what the search engine has just shown us is that you can wear tracksuits, cosy sweaters and house shoes for only so long. Even if the lockdown has you working from home and not seeing anyone, except for Zoom meetings and TikTok, fashion and style still matter. 

Actually, what Google’s top ten list highlights is that, precisely because of the pandemic, we’ve been more adventurous, exploring fashion and trying to find our own individual styles. In fact, the more time we spent alone at home, the more we had fun with new makeup styles and played with fashion to express our individuality on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.


TikTok and fashion during Corona times

Thanks to the explosion of TikTok, trends have spread faster than ever this year. For example, think of all the hype around Harry Styles and his JW Anderson patchwork cardigan. Some TikTokers started hand-knitting it at home. And soon, the hashtag #HarryStylesCardigan went viral, with thousands of videos with the making of the DIY cardigan and tutorials.

On the App, each fashion style has a hashtag, which makes it easier for several new fashion tribes to develop their unique aesthetic and thrive. And this search for individual and fun ways of dressing is a natural response to a bleak year. This is why mainstream style came after others considered more eccentric and unique on Google’s list this year.

  • #1 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Indie style

Short for “independent”, indie style is basically thinking outside the box and expressing your individual taste and creativity. Buying hand-made garments from small stores, second-hand shops and DIY are the things for you.

  • #2 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Streetwear style

The casual way of dressing that originated in the ’80s in California and New York has since become so popular luxury fashion labels have adopted it.

  • #3 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Alt style

Alt is short for “alternative”. In other words, alt style is anything that doesn’t follow the mainstream trends. Influenced by retro trends, the alt style includes, for example, Emos, Grunge, hippies, hip hop etc.

  • #4 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Urban style

A casual fashion that is born in the streets of big cities, rather than on the catwalk, urban style, or street style, is a mix of various cultures like hip hop, rap, skateboarding etc.

  • #5 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Skater girl style

You don’t have to be a skater to adopt the Skater Girl style. The tomboy look is especially trending among off-duty models and it-girls. Think of crop tops layered under XXL flannels or killer jackets, beanie hats and Vans sneakers.

  • #6 most googled fashion trends of 2020: 80s style clothing

The maximalist style of the ’80s is still trending after all these years. Bold colours and silhouettes, big shoulders, puffy sleeves, frills, you name it.

  • #7 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Boho style

Inspired in the bohemian hippie style of the ’70s, the boho style has been revisited by designers this, with plenty of patchwork, crochet, fringes and feather embellishments.

  • #8 most googled fashion trends of 2020: E girl style

You will see E girls on TikTok, wearing pink, lime or blue hair and winger eyeliners. Their go-to staples are striped T-shirts, Sailor Moon skirts, colourful hair clips and pigtails. E (electronic) girls dress up for fun and look like anime.

  • #9 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Y2k style

Y2K stands for the style of the late ’90s, early noughties. To achieve this look, you’ll need designer pieces, bold colours (preferably pink) and bling. Find inspiration in movies like Legally Blonde and Clueless.

  • #10 most googled fashion trends of 2020: Retro style

Since fashion always looks back on history, especially in times of crisis, the cool retro style is trendier than ever. No matter whether it’s influenced by the ’60s,’80s or 2000s, if it’s vintage-inspired, it’s trending.

Watch the video below to learn all the fashionista expressions you need to complete your boho or indie style.

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