What to Wear on Christmas Day

December 5, 2018

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Around Christmas, a lot of decisions have to be made. Which presents to get, what to cook and last, but not least which outfit to wear on Christmas Eve. Being festive for some means dressing up, making the best out of yourself and maybe wearing something that you would not wear the rest of the year. For others, being cosy (but still chic) is the most important thing. We think a nice woollen sweater paired with some cool pants can look just as nice as a sequined dress and a blazer.

If you are part of the elegant cocktail dress/suit and tie track and like to wear glittery or embellished dresses and high heels you might like to get some inspiration from style icon Alexa Chung. She definitely knows how to rock the chic party dresses.

What to wear on Christmas day

Or are you more on the cosy sweater and wide skirt or stretchy pants side? Comfy doesn´t automatically mean sloppy as these cool looks are proving. When you plan on eating a lot (and we know you are) cosy clothes are the right choice.

What to wear on Christmas day

However, in the end, it´s not just your outfit, but also your makeup that will make you Santa´s favourite. Diversity is key and different looks will make the best Christmas group photos after all, right?

That´s why we want to give you some inspiration on what your festive outfit might look like!



Photos via Shutterstock / GIF by Notorious-mag